Bursitis of the shoulder joint: causes, symptoms. How to treat

What we know about this disease, like bursitis ? What is the danger in it? What is the disease of the shoulder joint and what are the causes of this disease? To answer all questions you need to have an idea about this ailment. Everyone knows that our joints are made up of bones, muscles and ligaments. Their work is in friction. To remove the pain, the body releases fluid.

Each joint has its own bursa, in which this fluid accumulates. At the time of intense joint work, the bursa can become inflamed and create a person not comfortable sensations.

The causes of the disease

Very often, this feeling appears due to increased physical activity of the joint. This happens because of the occurrence of injuries as a result of inflammation of the synovial bag. The reason is that one and the same exercise, with the use of increased physical exertion. For example, playing often in golf, you can freely make yourself bursitis, which will affect the shoulder joints.

It would seem that there is nothing harmful to stand on the lap while cleaning, but excessive tension, in this position, can cause inflammation of the bursitis of the knee joint. Therefore, caution must be observed in all cases. There are a lot of symptoms and it is not very easy to determine them. You can observe swelling, low mobility and a number of unpleasant physical sensations.

Symptoms of the disease

To establish the cause of the occurrence of bursitis is not so simple. All signs of inflammation will have a visual character. Psychophysical sensations will carry the pain syndrome, especially with sudden movements of the hand. The fullness of the movements will be limited due to difficulties in performing physical actions by hands. Anyway, at occurrence of such difficulties, it is necessary to consult at the expert as all can appear much more difficultly, than it was supposed.

Limestone bursitis

The appearance of such bursitis is possible due to inflammation of the body part, already with a specific disruption of the synovial bag. The reason may be enhanced sports training or playing mobile games, which can get a dislocation or injury to the shoulder. It is important to react in time, to be examined and to receive the necessary medical care. Especially if bursitis caused redness and swelling. It would seem, a minor injury, and health caused great harm. Therefore, take the risk, and put the experiment is not worth it.

Subacromial bursitis

Man for himself must understand that all movements of bones, muscles and tendons occur through friction. Another process that would make moving joints without friction, no one has come up with. At normal loading and excellent health, from pains rescues a liquid, developed organism and being in a special "bag". During the inflammation of the bursa, the discharge of the liquid stops. A bag with a liquid, for a certain period, is under pressure, thereby creating painful sensations. Timely appeal to the treating doctor will help to remove pressure and a person will be able to return to active life in time. Do not allow the inflamed synovial pouch to test pain.

Subdelthoid species of bursitis

Try to determine what happened with the joints, only a specialist can. Determine the cause of the disease will be difficult. In medical practice, there are a lot of reasons for inflammation of the synovial bag. And every reason has its own characteristic feature of inflammation. The pain covers not only the whole arm, it also affects the shoulder. A person can not cope with it without pain medications. Do not pay attention to this ailment can not. An experienced doctor will determine the cause and provide first aid to prevent serious consequences.


Ossifying bursitis

There is no particular difference, among all bursitis species. The main thing is to eliminate the pain, find out the cause of its appearance and what kind of influence on the human body. Pain sensations can be aching and abrupt. In all cases, you need to urgently go to a medical facility to avoid all sorts of complications. Symptoms, as a rule, are the same: puffiness, redness, pain in the shoulder joints, giving to the muscle mass. Do not postpone the visit to the doctor until the next day, and get qualified help. To aggravate the situation by delay and bring yourself to a nervous breakdown is not worth it.

Subcoracoidal view of bursitis

This type of bursitis is not a complex disease, but it requires urgent intervention in its treatment. A delay in recovery will entail complications, where instead of a quick correction one can get irreversible processes with health. Unwillingness to consult a doctor is detrimental to health. Athletes who monotonously perform physical movements associated with the shoulder joint most often suffer from bursitis. Shoulder joints can very quickly become inflamed without determining the reasons for this. If it comes to overexertion due to increased physical exertion, then it is necessary to provide rest to the muscles in order not to accelerate the disease and always be in working order.

Calculous bursitis

The main symptoms of all types of bursitis remain unchanged. The same swelling, pain and inflammation. Only with calculous bursitis pain can be so strong that a person can not cope with it alone. Without the help of a doctor, this kind of bursitis can not be avoided. Do not let this disease go by itself to avoid complications. The appearance of any symptoms should be eliminated by a medical specialist. Calculous bursitis requires the patient to be very careful about meeting the requirements prescribed by the attending physician.


A doctor specializing in the treatment of bursitis of the shoulder will easily determine the degree of inflammation and will prescribe the correct course of treatment. Visual signs of the disease can be determined at the first examination and have a complete picture of the diagnosis. Distinguish BPS from another kind of inflammation does not make for a specialist a particular difficulty. But there are times when it is not immediately possible to recognize the disease. In this case, you need to assign an X-ray. Having determined the diagnosis of the disease, the course of treatment is determined. Diagnosis of bursitis should include the entire necessary list of examinations and analyzes, due to which a diagnosis will be made and treatment for recovery will be prescribed.

Treatment of bursitis of the shoulder joint

To relieve severe pain, the patient can take an anesthetic drug. Limit only an anesthetic will not be enough. It is necessary to have a special ointment that would help relieve inflammation and swelling. Special recipes for this disease to seek and invent is not necessary. The main task for the patient remains the elimination of pain and swelling. The patient should clearly follow all the doctor's recommendations, and accurately perform the prescribed course of treatment until the shoulder joint is fully restored. It happens, when the patient is put on tires, to fix the joint and reduce the area of ​​pain shock.

To remove the pain syndrome in bursitis, first of all, anti-inflammatory drugs should be used. It is strictly forbidden to prescribe drugs. Usually, such tablets are taken orally. For the local zone, gels and ointments are used, the main thing is that they contain anti-inflammatory and anesthetic components. Excellent acting Ichthyol ointment, especially for the removal of inflammation. You can not throw off Finangel, Fastum and Febrofid. They can be used for rubbing and without the appointment of a doctor.

The situation will be much more difficult if there is a purulent inflammation of the synovial bag. To eliminate this inflammation, you need to take a puncture and remove the "bag" from the contents. This procedure is performed only by the attending physician, and not by yourself. Bacterial etiology should be eliminated with antibiotics. In addition to medical treatment, physiotherapy can be used. These physiotherapy procedures are aimed at eliminating this disease. Most likely, such procedures are prescribed for those patients in whom the bursitis of the shoulder ligament took a chronic form of development.

Prevention of bursitis

First of all, you need to reduce the physical stress on the joints of the shoulder. Therefore, for the time being, you must give up lessons and exercises. The predisposition to this disease gives the right to be cautious in approaching physical exertion and pauses for resting the body. The increased stresses on the joints lead to the appearance of such diseases. If it comes to a monotonous occupation, then, in the first place, it should be understood that the muscles and ligaments need rest. Serious violations can prohibit doing sports or other activities for a long time. Do not try to force the body to perform a set of exercises for several years to come.