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Traditional treatment of bursitis - folk remedies and recipes

There are various methods of treating bursitis at home. Some of them are sometimes more effective than official medicine. So if after examining a specialist you were diagnosed with bursitis, then you can try to cope with the disease with folk methods. The main thing is not to hurt yourself in this and so unpleasant situation.

Somehow after several tricks and pumping out fluid from the injured knee, the man needed an operation, as the exudate continued to accumulate and standard methods of fighting the disease no longer helped.

His wife offered to cope with bursitis with the help of mugs and cabbage. Considering this as some kind of absurdity, the man did not take seriously this method. However, later he remembered that his grandmother had never walked with a wand, but at the same time constantly bandaged the knee joints.

It is necessary, spreading a knee with vegetable oil, attach to it a cabbage leaf, after having beaten it. On top of the bandage should be something to insulate, so that the joint is constantly in the warmth.

The dressing should be changed twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Duration of treatment is one month.

For three days bursitis disappeared: from the Kalanchoe helped compress

3 sheets of Kalanchoe thoroughly washed and left overnight in the refrigerator. Choose large leaves. In the morning, take them out and, having showered with boiling water, attach them to a sore spot. Instead of boiling water, you can just beat them off. The main thing is that they let the juice.

With frequent changes in the compress, you can remove pain syndrome and swelling within three days.

Balm on the swollen elbow:

And one more effective tool for fighting bursitis, which is often used by people, when pumping out the liquid does not help, and the pain sensations only increase.

To prepare the balm you need a pharmacy bile (1 bottle), fruits of horse chestnut (2 cups), aloe (3 leaves), alcohol (2 cups). Aloe chop, and mix with all the other ingredients. Then leave the mixture for a week and a half.

Treatment should be done this way: ten days of treatment - ten days of interruption - ten days of treatment. During the healing process, you need to make warm compresses with this tincture, moisten it with a piece of linen material and warm it from the outside.

From bursitis helped cabbage

We will present you one more method of treatment of bursitis, when the patient wants to avoid surgical intervention. It was used by people in the event that the burdock application did not give the proper result.

In order to begin treatment you will need only cabbage and a bandage, to which it will be fixed.

Apply the cabbage leaf by its inner side, tightly fixing on the diseased set. Every 4 hours, the cabbage leaf needs to be replaced with fresh cabbage leaves. The bandage should be worn constantly for a month, without taking breaks even at night.

As they say, after one month of treatment, the tumor completely resolves.