Sore legs from the hip to the knee

Typically, the legs from the hip to the knee ache after intense physical exertion, however, the pain may appear for other reasons. To find out the exact cause of the pain, it is not enough to know only its localization, it is very important to answer such questions:

  • The type of pain is aching, dull, sharp

  • Persistent or recurrent pain

  • Duration of pain

  • Are accompanying symptoms, such as numbness, restriction of mobility

  • Presence of chronic diseases

  • Do you suffer from obesity

  • It hurts one leg or both

  • Periodic pain in the legs from the hip to the knee usually increases in the morning.

    Why do legs hurt from the hip to the knee?

  • Wear of the hip joint is the most common cause of pain. This disease is most affected by older people. Over time, the cartilaginous tissue becomes thinner, so the property is lost, like the depreciation of the joint, which entails striking the joints, which is what causes pain.

  • This phenomenon is called arthrosis of the hip joint. The strength of pain can change under the influence of temperature, humidity, air, atmospheric pressure.

  • in this point, we will again talk about arthrosis, caused by unnatural factors, that is, not the wear of the cartilage. Other causes of the onset of the disease may be traumas, an accident, a metabolic disorder in the body, anomalies of the structure.

  • Systemic arthritis - the defeat of several joints, for this reason also hurt the legs from the hip to the knee.

  • Osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine often provokes pain in the hip area.

  • Aching legs from the hip to the knee can cause damage to the ligaments and muscles.

  • Hernia of the spine is very often accompanied by pain, which is localized in the area from the hip to the knee. In this case, urgent medical attention is required, since the hernia can provoke a jamming of the nerve root or vessel.

  • Neoplasms are one of the most dangerous causes of pain in the hip area.

  • Infectious damage to the bones can be the cause of painful sensations.

  • Diagnostics

    As can be seen, the causes of pain can be very diverse, therefore, a correct diagnosis is very important here. As a rule, the diagnosis includes radiographic examination, which is quite enough to identify the exact cause of the pain in the legs from the hip to the knee. Computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of extremities, pelvis, and back are also performed.

    Sore feet from the hip to the knee - what to do?

    With regard to treatment, without an accurate diagnosis, no doctor will be able to prescribe the right treatment. If the legs hurt from the hip to the knee due to degenerative changes, then a consultation of a vertebronevrologist is required. As a rule, to eliminate pain in the legs, prescribe conservative treatment, which includes manual therapy, LUTS, physiotherapy and other manipulations.

    It is not recommended to self-medicate with warming ointments, since there are many diseases in which heating is simply dangerous. No saunas and grindings until a thorough medical examination and consultation with a neurologist.