The knee hurts when running: treatment, symptoms

The knee joint is subjected to a heavy load every day - almost the entire body weight presses on it, and the load increases significantly when running. Therefore, it is not surprising that various kinds of trauma and disease often occur with the knee. Pain in the knee during running is not uncommon, especially for beginners, usually leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Causes of running in the knee

Pain in the knee during running appears with the wrong technique of running or incorrect movements. "Knee runner" - the most common injury when running. It is associated with unnatural movements in the joint, which leads to irritation and inflammation of the joint surfaces, stretching and inflammation of its ligaments.

Wrong movements cause running on an uneven surface, causing the ankle to work incorrectly, resulting in unwanted movements being transmitted to the knee.

Wrong technique of running (twisting of the trunk, running with out-turned feet) leads to unnatural movements in the knee. People with a lot of weight at the run try to put their feet wide, which loads the knee in a lateral direction.

On the knee joint is adversely affected by increased shock loads, so it is undesirable to run in inappropriate shoes on the asphalt. By the way, poor-quality or worn-out running shoes (with a soft back, a worn out sole) can lead to trauma and knee pain.

Flattening or falling into the ankle (hyperpredation) affect the work of the foot and, accordingly, are transmitted to the knee. The pain in it during running can cause different lengths of legs, curvature of the spine.

Unnatural movements in the knee joint provoke overstrained or inelastic muscles. Muscles lose elasticity as a result of intensive training and insufficient time for recovery after it.

Running should be preceded by a qualitative warm-up. A little slow running contributes to warming up the muscles, prepares them for an intense load, and stretching increases their elasticity.

Treatment of pain in the knee

If you experience pain in the knee, you should combine running with walking - 10 minutes of running, 2 minutes of walking. It is convenient to use a special clock with a signal for interval training.

When you have pain, you should stop running immediately. If after a day or two it passes, you can return to training, not forgetting the precautionary measures in order to avoid re-injury.

If the pain does not go away, you should give up a minimum of a week for running. For treatment, ice, anti-inflammatory ointments (Voltaren, Ibuprofen) can be used. For the period of treatment, you can do walking (in the absence of pain in the knee).

Pain in the knee is cured quickly enough, because it does not belong to the number of chronic injuries.