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Cancer is called malignant neoplasm (tumor), which occurs in the internal tissues of the body. This name is a disease due to the fact that neoplasms in form are similar to the claw of a cancer. Up to 20% of all deaths in developed countries are due to cancer.

Causes of occurrence of

Scientists have not yet proven precisely why people fall ill with cancer. They have dozens of scientific theories on this issue. When combining them into the overall picture, there are three main reasons for the development of cancer. These include: biological (dangerous viruses), chemical (carcinogens) and physical factors (ultraviolet radiation, radiation). All these factors first lead to the fact that the structure of DNA begins to change pathologically. As a result, the oncogene is activated, and some cells of the body acquire eternal life. This means that the affected cells do not die off, but, on the contrary, multiply at a high rate, forming a malignant tumor.

All of the above factors are external. In addition to these, there are also internal factors that influence the onset of this disease. Hereditary predisposition is the main internal cause. In this case, human DNA can not restore its structure or the immunity to oncological diseases is greatly reduced. It often happens that the boundaries of external and internal causes are blurred, and as a result, it becomes impossible to say exactly what became the root cause.

Carcinogens are one of the causes of cancer

The main property of cancer is its ability to damage the structure of DNA. And the main reason for the structural breakdown is carcinogens. At a young age, the human body has a natural defense against these substances, but with age it is significantly weakened. Protective properties consist in the fact that the body can independently recover and destroy both carcinogens and the tumor itself . The harmonious work of the whole organism and limited intake of harmful substances significantly reduce the chances of getting cancer. Therefore, a limited amount of carcinogenic substances will become an excellent preventive agent in the body.

Action of carcinogens

The structure of DNA is modified depending on what effect it has a certain kind of carcinogen. Under the influence of free radicals released by X-rays and ultraviolet, physical damage to DNA occurs.

The use of ionizing radiation or some types of hormonal therapy, including cancer therapy, can lead to the appearance of carcinogens in the body.

Cancer and heredity

The possibility of developing cancer in the body is greatly influenced by a hereditary predisposition, which is inherent from birth and appears as a result of a weakened immune system. Another reason may be a decrease in the ability of the body to restore the structure of DNA.

Smoking and cancer

Two factors affect the smoking person at once: physical poisoning and chemical irradiation. Scientists have proved that an active smoker who smokes one pack of cigarettes during the day receives a triple dose of radiation exposure, in addition, a large number of different poisoning substances that affect the stomach, lungs, larynx, mouth, throat and other internal organs and systems. According to statistics, 80% of people who contracted lung cancer - smokers, 10% suffered from other factors. About six hundred thousand people die of cancer a year from all over the world.

Cancer can also affect a non-smoker who spends a lot of time in a room where other people smoke. Passive smoking in some cases leads to lung cancer.

Statistics of risk factors for cancer

Incorrect food is the highest percentage. The reason for this is obesity; a diet containing extra calories; food, including insufficient fiber, but rich in carcinogens. To reduce the risk of malignant tumors, first of all, change the daily diet, add more useful products to it.

Only 1% falls on polluted air, and 2% on alcoholism. 4% make up sexual infections and low physical activity, 5% - professional carcinogens, 6% - ultraviolet and ionizing radiation. Various infections lead to cancer in 10% of cases, tobacco smoking - in 30% and malnutrition - in 35% of cases.

Health control

To defeat cancer is much easier in the early stages of its development, so you should visit the doctor as often as possible for preventive purposes. Then the chances for early detection of the carcinogenesis process will be much higher.


Every year, the number of cases of cancer is rapidly increasing. Ten million people around the world fell ill in 2000. By 2020 this figure, according to forecasts of scientists will increase to 16 million. It will happen because of the deteriorating ecological situation and people's way of life. Timely prevention will help to reduce the number of cases. At least one third of all cases of cancer can be prevented.

In European countries, this indicator decreased by 20% as a result of preventive measures, including the fight against malnutrition and smoking, as well as the reduction of ultraviolet irradiation. [/b]


Folk remedies in the treatment of cancer

Healing properties of plants are used in non-traditional medicine to combat cancer. They are of great help to the body in correcting failures of protective mechanisms, destroy the affected cells and activate the growth of healthy ones, and also restrain the growth of tumors.

This article presents the most effective means of alternative medicine that help in the fight against cancer. Applying them it is necessary to remember that the drugs and procedures prescribed by the doctor should also be strictly adhered to.

Method of cancer treatment, confirmed by world-class biologists

Otto Warburg - twice awarded the Nobel Prize, is the creator and one of the followers of the biochemical theory of cancer. Its essence lies in the fact that the cancer is caused by a microorganism such as Trichomonas, and the Trichomonad colony is a malignant tumor.

Proceeding from this theory, scientists developed a special method of cancer treatment, which includes a whole complex of therapeutic measures.

  • One of the items of the complex is the appearance of iodine in the diet. It can appear after consuming sea kale or seaweed. You can do iodine mesh and take a solution from one drop of iodine and water.

  • Inclusion in the diet of berries elderberry and dogwood, chaga, decoction of birch leaves and burdock.

  • Anticancer vitamin B17 in large quantities is contained in the raw kernels of apricot. They are recommended to eat no more than 10 pieces per day, because, despite their usefulness, they are quite toxic.

  • Getting rid of trichomonads. The procedure should be conducted daily in the morning. For 20 minutes in the mouth it is necessary to hold a large spoon of any vegetable oil (better than linseed oil), then spit it out. Trichomonads love oil and accumulate in it, after which it becomes white. To fully get rid of trichomonads, additional measures should be taken.

  • It is necessary to conduct a deep course on cleansing the body, and then start taking antiparasitic drugs such as "Trichopol" or the like, so as not to give Trichomonads any chance of survival. Preparations should be taken following the instructions.

  • One of the most important steps is alkalizing the blood, that is, transferring it to an alkaline medium. It is known that in such an environment the cancer kills, while in the acidic one it develops. This item is very important, because thanks to the step described below it is possible to cure this disease even at the last stages of development.

  • Among the many ways to preserve the alkalinity of blood, one can distinguish. It consists in maintaining a sufficient amount of calcium in the body, since this element helps to maintain the alkalinity of the blood. Patients with cancer suffer from calcium deficiency, after bringing its content back to normal, the reaction of blood from acid to alkaline will shift. This will lead to the death of cancer cells and the cessation of their further development.

    Taking calcium preparations, you need to remember that calcium is very difficult to digest by the body, so often there is a lack of it. Deficiency of magnesium can also cause a lack of calcium, since its body can only absorb with magnesium. This substance in sufficient quantity contains only green leaves, so magnesium accumulates in the body by August, and by the beginning of spring there is a large deficit. Thus, to maintain the content of these elements in the body, you need to eat fresh greens without subjecting it to heat treatment, since in this case magnesium is destroyed.

    Calcium is not assimilated also due to the fact that people use in most cases calcium carbonate (chemist's complexes, meat) and other hard-digesting forms. Calcium in ionic form will be well absorbed. It is contained in greenery. To assimilate calcium carbonate, a large amount of gastric juice is required. In people who have stomach problems, the percentage of calcium absorption decreases dramatically.

    From all that has been said above, we can draw the following conclusion: one should take a complex of calcium and magnesium, which is produced in ionic form. Such an easily digestible mineral is found in the tops of turnips.

  • The last step is the rejection of sweet and flour (at least for the period of treatment), the use of freshly squeezed vegetable (not fruit) juices.

  • Propolis. Effective treatment of cancer

    Unconventional medicine has many recipes for treating cancer patients with propolis. It can be used even when the patient is exposed to cobalt radiation. Propolis inhibits the development and growth of cancer cells, helps the healthy to grow and develop, restores the functioning of the body. Long-term use of the drug can completely eliminate cancer-affected cells.

    Propolis can be used both in pure form, and the oily composition and ointment.

    Pure propolis is used on 5 or 7 grams from 3 to 5 times a day. Eat it one hour before meals, as chewing.

    To prepare 15% oil, you need to take a kilogram of butter, place it in a suitable bowl and bring to a boil. After removing from the fire in the oil, add 160 grams of propolis, peeled and chopped on a fine grater. The mixture should be stirred for 30 minutes until a uniform consistency and complete cooling. Take the received oil as follows: take one large spoonful of mass and add another half of the same spoon of boiling water or milk. The composition is drunk up to 5 times during the day before eating.

    To manufacture a powerful external antitumor agent in the form of an ointment, it is necessary to take the powder obtained from the spores of the mushroom common mushroom in an amount of 10 grams. A hundred gram of 15% of the heated oil is mixed with the powder. The resulting composition after cooling is used to apply bandages to the affected area of ​​the body.

    Hemlock. Effective treatment of cancer

    Hemlock, like propolis, is quite effective in fighting cancer, which can cure even hopeless patients. The boligolov effectively inhibits cancer of the liver, breast, esophagus, stomach and any other organs.

    Accurate compliance with the dosage will lead to visible positive shifts in the direction of healing. It is necessary to closely monitor doses and not allow overdoses.

    Preparation of the preparation: in a jar, a capacity of 3 liters, pour 400 milliliters of vodka. It will help the hemlock keep his healing qualities after slicing. Cut the shoots of the grass finely, and fill the jar one third, from time to time stirring the already sliced ​​shoots floating in vodka. It is inadmissible to pass hemlock through a meat grinder, as the composition will turn out to be very concentrated. After filling the container to the desired volume, pour vodka to the brim. The can is tightly closed with a lid and left in the refrigerator for 18 days . Tincture must be shaken every day. If time allows, it is necessary to sustain the composition the required number of days. In emergency situations, you can start reception on the third day.

    Scheme of application: one drop of infusion to dissolve in a glass of water and drink in the morning before eating. On the second day in a glass of water, two drops of infusion are already dissolved. On the third day - three drops. Each day, increasing the dose by one drop, reach 40 drops. Then you need to move in the opposite direction, every day, reducing the dose by one drop. So, you should go back to one drop. This is one round of reception. To the body could overcome cancer, you need to go two or three laps. Gradually, a person will recover from illness and gain immunity.

    Treatment of cancer with chagoy

    An excellent folk remedy for the treatment of cancer is a birch mushroom or chaga. It perfectly improves the patient's well-being even in cases when it is contraindicated surgical intervention.

    Chaga is taken in the form of infusion. To make it, you need to take a birch mushroom, rinse it properly and grate it. Mix one share of grated chaga and five portions of warm drinking water. Leave for 48 hours. Then filter and wring out the precipitate. Take infusion is recommended three times a day for half a glass 30 minutes before meals. Infusion should not be stored for longer than 4 days. When treating with chaga, do not forget that during this period you can not take penicillin and inject glucose intravenously.

    Treatment of cancer celandine

    Purity - an excellent alternative medicine for the treatment of cancer. In May, you need to dig up the root of the plant, wash it and dry it for 3 hours. Then you need to grind it with a meat grinder. Squeeze the juice through gauze and pour into a jar with a capacity of one liter. To fill the jar with juice and vodka in equal proportions (by half a liter). Then close the container tightly with a lid and leave in a darkened and cool place for 21 days. To receive the infusion, there is a special "royal technique":

  • from 1 to 10 days, starting with one drop, increasing one per day, dilute in 50 milliliters of water;

  • from 11 to 20 days - increase the volume of water to 100 milliliters;

  • (if before this time the state of health remains normal, you can continue to increase the number of drops of infusion and dalshe)

  • from 21 to 25 day - the volume of water increases to 150 milliliters.

  • When taking a solution, you need to listen carefully to your own feelings. The organism of a sick person reacts sharply to overload, so in case of worsening of the condition, you should stop taking the medication for several days, then you can return to a safe dose, which is 15 drops. Infusion should be taken by this method for 6 months or until the full correction.

    Herbal collection "Monastic 16 herbs" from about. George

    This effective tool appeared from the Timashevsky Monastery, it contributed to the recovery of many people, which the official medicine refused. The collection includes the following herbs: 20 grams of string, bearberry, immortelle and dog rose; 35 grams of sage; 25 grams of nettle; 15 grams of bitter wormwood; 10 grams of motherwort, crochet swine, linden flowers, birch buds, buckthorn bark, thyme, calendula, chamomile and yarrow.

    All herbs are well dried and chopped, mixed. To prepare a healing broth, you need to take 26 grams of collection and fill it with enameled containers. Pour 2.5 liters of boiling water. On low heat for three hours, evaporate until the volume is reduced by half. At the same time, the boiling point should not be more than 95 degrees. Highly concentrated broth cool, filter, tightly close and put into the refrigerator.

    Before use, the broth is recommended to be warmed and drunk three times a day for an hour before eating on a large spoon.

    The course of treatment is 70 days, followed by a fifteen-day break. At this time, you need to pass a blood test and determine the number of white blood cells and the level of hemoglobin. After a necessary break, the course should be repeated even with the normalization of the blood formula.

    This herbal collection should be drunk for at least a year if the disease is started or its late stage has come. Twice a year, you should undergo a course of treatment collection for the prevention of disease and blood purification. During the period of treatment, you should stop using yeast white bread, spicy seasonings and meat food.

    Treatment with cabbage juice

    A person suffering from cancer or undergoing radiation exposure can be treated with freshly squeezed cabbage juice. This vegetable can be consumed in unlimited quantities. To remove nauseating substances from the juice of cabbage, it should be allowed to stand before drinking in the refrigerator.

    Treatment of cancer with fly agaric

    Infusion of fly agaric is used to treat skin, stomach and other organs. To prepare the infusion, it is necessary to fill the mushroom head with a can, with a capacity of one liter. Pour it with water, put it in a dark place and let it brew for a month. An hour before meals, the infusion is taken three times a day. You should start with a water diluted in a teaspoon of water one drop of infusion. Every second day, you need to increase the dose by one drop. The amount of water remains the same. The course of admission lasts 20 days, by this time the dose should be 10 drops. After finishing the course, you need to stop taking the infusion for 10 days.

    Prevention of cancer of grasses

    To carry out preventive measures with the help of herbs, you need to prepare two collections, which are linked together.

    Collection number 1: chamomile, mistletoe, celandine, cataractus pink.

    Collection number 2: flowers of kipreya, roots of badan, dandelion and peony evading (the root of the root), calendula and yarrow.

    Herbs are taken in the same proportions (about 50 grams), crushed and mixed. Then you need to make a large spoonful of the collection with a glass of hot water.

    Infusion is taken 60 minutes before meals, about 50 milliliters three times a day, following the order. You should start taking the first dose. The next day begins with the second collection. Contraindicated to mix fees with each other and take them at the same time.

    These herbs are suitable only for preventive measures, they are incapable of completely curing cancer. To do this, you will need to apply a few dozen medicinal plants, combined in similar charges and tinctures. Only in this case the chances of recovery will be quite high, and the treatment itself is impressive.

    Nutrition for cancer

    When cancer is very important to follow a special diet. It should include vegetable (exclude animals) proteins, mushrooms, legumes, vegetables (garlic, onions, cabbage, carrots, beets, radish), parsley and sorrel, red grapes, blueberries and cowberries. In the diet should be present traditional porridge, such as oatmeal and rice, as well as vegetable and cereal soups. Vegetable juices (from cabbage, beets) will also bring tremendous benefits to the sick body. A half liter of juice is enough to drink during the day in limited portions. Before drinking a vegetable juice, you need to give him a little time to settle in the refrigerator and get rid of nauseating substances.

    A sufficient supply of protein in the body of a sick person will help cope with the disease much more effectively. Therefore, in the daily menu there should be eggs, dairy products - this is cottage cheese, milk, cheese, yogurt, as well as beans, nuts and soy.

    Exclude from the ration follows canned food, smoked products and those products that a person can not consume during the period of treatment for any reason. Force anything you do not need to eat.

    From such a bad habit as smoking, it is also necessary to get rid of it urgently, as it can slow down the onset of a positive effect of treatment.

    Extreme diets, the use of large doses of any vitamins or biological supplements are excluded during treatment, as the consequences can be very deplorable. Instead of the expected benefits, these substances will lead to the opposite effect.

    It is also important to control that the body receives a sufficient amount of liquid. Experts have proved that some symptoms, such as nausea, fatigue, dizziness, result from dehydration of the body. Most chemotherapy drugs cause a malfunction in the proper functioning of the kidneys, and the liquid that enters the body will help protect them. Many patients during the period of treatment experience nausea and vomiting and as a result lose a lot of liquid, which must be replenished in sufficient quantities. This can be done with the help of simple drinking water, juices, compotes, even sports nutrition, which contains the least number of calories.