Tea mushroom and oncology: application, use

Tea mushroom is a very useful drink that helps to cleanse the body, improve the liver and pancreas. Scientists are sure that thanks to gluconic acid, which is contained in the tea fungus, it is possible to prevent the development of cancer, and in the early stages - even cure. Many famous people used a tea fungus against oncology. Perhaps the tea mushroom and oncology are really enemies, but there are no scientific grounds for this, moreover, there is an opinion that the tea fungus can even provoke the development of an oncological disease, although it is also not proven.


In the first half of the twentieth century, Russian scientists discovered areas in which people even did not know about cancer, scientists considered that the absence of this disease among the population is a consequence of the consumption of the tea fungus, moreover, the scientists conducted a number of experiments that confirmed this. In Germany, scientists also conducted research, but did not finish them in view of the Second World War.

In the nineties, the mushroom became popular again, it even became widely used among Americans. But serious research on the effect of the tea fungus has not been carried out, most likely, for the reason that it is not beneficial to the pharmaceutical market, as a tea mushroom can grow any at home.

In general, the tea fungus can be consumed with oncology, in the early stages one can even expect to recover or at least improve the condition, however, as already mentioned, the beneficial effect of the tea fungus in the treatment of cancer has not been scientifically proven.

Tea mushroom with birch leaves against cancer

Traditional medicine claims that the tea mushroom must be taken with oncological diseases, adding birch leaves to it. So, for the preparation we need yellow birch leaves, the best time to collect is August-October, the leaves must be dried. A few spoons of sugar dilute in two and a half liters of boiling water (use an enamel pot), put one teabag into the water (the tea should be black without additives), then add 15-20 leaves of birch, mix. Leave it overnight at room temperature, then strain the infusion into a three-liter jar and place the tea mushroom plate in it, do not forget to tie the jar with two layers of gauze. In a week the tea mushroom is ready for use.