Signs of recurrence of thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer is a common form of oncology of the endocrine system, fortunately, this pathology has a favorable prognosis with timely treatment, however, relapses of thyroid cancer are quite common. The risk of recurrence increases after 45 years.

Types of recurrence of thyroid cancer

  • Local

  • Regional

  • With local recurrence, there is a tumor process in the thyroid gland or the remains of its tissue. Regional recurrence of thyroid cancer involves loss of lymph nodes.

    When palpation is difficult to detect this pathology, this means that signs of recurrence of thyroid cancer are absent, so patients are strongly encouraged to regularly perform medical examination, often - ultrasound in various modes, which allows you to identify the problem most accurately.

    Modern devices can operate in several modes, this is an excellent advantage of ultrasonic research against other types of diagnosis. Moreover, uzi has no contraindications, does not cause complications, does not give a radiation load, does not require much time, special preparation this method of research is accessible and simple.

    To exclude recurrence of thyroid cancer after removal of the thyroid gland (complete or partial), and after treatment, which is carried out on the basis of radioactive iodine, it is strongly recommended to undergo medical examinations for a long time, and even better - until the end of life, because signs of recurrence of thyroid cancer The glands can appear (thanks to a medical examination) only twenty years after the treatment.