Tumor - causes, symptoms and folk remedies for the treatment of tumors. Video

Tumor is a pathological process, in the occurrence of which a swelling is formed in the cells of the tissues. It is also called neoplasm and neoplasm. When the tumor completely stops growing damaged tissue.

There are two types of tumors - benign and malignant. They differ from each other in the speed of development.

Benign neoplasms

Such tumors consist of tissues that are less dangerous to human health than tissues that are formed in tumors of other species.

With benign neoplasms, tissue proliferation is slow, there is no negative effect on the human body as a whole. But if you do not start treatment in time, such a tumor can turn into a malignant one.

Malignant neoplasms

Tumors of a malignant nature are formed from not fully developed cells. Expanding tissue may differ from the tissue from which it was formed. With a malignant neoplasm the tissue rapidly increases in size, has a detrimental effect on the overall health.

As a result of the formation of a tumor of this nature, atypism can occur-cellular or tissue. Its first form is characterized by a change in the volumes of the nucleus and cytoplasm, changes in the number and size of nuclei, an increase in the size of the basal membrane, etc. The second type of atypism is accompanied by a violation of the ratios of the components of the tissue.

What effect does the tumor have on the human body?

This impact can be local and general. In the event that the tumor is malignant, with its local influence, the structure of nearby tissues and organs is destroyed. If it is benign, tissues and organs do not collapse, but squeeze.

With a general effect, there may be a metabolic disorder and the development of cachexia. Usually the work of the whole body is affected only by malignant neoplasms.

Honey and flour are products with which you can get rid of the tumor

There is a case where a woman was diagnosed with a tumor and the doctor recommended surgery for her, the patient agreed, the tumor was removed, but after a while there was a relapse. The woman read the newspaper and accidentally stumbled upon an article in which it was about the possibility of curing a tumor with folk remedies.

To prepare the medicine, take 1 tbsp. l. honey and hold it for a while in the water bath. When honey warms up, add flour to it, then form a cake. Before going to bed, put it on the tumor, leave it overnight. Secure the cake with cellophane, place a warm shawl over it. The procedure must be carried out daily. At the same time, one always needs to use a new cake.


Treatment with oats

With a problem like a tumor, oats are doing great. For treatment use neobodranny oats (or cut oats straw) and oatmeal. Ingredients slightly boil, and wrap in gauze. The resulting product is applied to the tumor, fixing it with a woolen cloth and covering it with polyethylene. If you want to achieve a positive result, do not neglect the use of polyethylene. Several compresses will be enough to heal.

In addition, you can consume the decoction remaining after preparation. To drink it, it is desirable, on an empty stomach, so it will be better to assimilate all nutrients.

Tincture from walnuts

A couple of years ago, a couple went to the forest with their child, on whose foot a tick was found. At home it was removed, the place of the bite gradually began to swell. The doctors prescribed treatment, but it did not bring any benefit, the tumor increased, the pain intensified.

Just then the woman prepared a useful tincture. For this purpose she used walnuts of dairy ripeness. Such a remedy allows you to get rid of some diseases. Listening to the radio, the woman learned also that a tincture of walnuts can help to cure a tumor of any kind.

She gave her child 1 tsp. tincture 3 times a day. Within a week, the result began to appear, the tumor was decreasing. The treatment lasted for a month, as a result the boy was completely cured.

To make this wonderful folk remedy, take the nuts and cut them into 4 pieces. Then send it all to a 3-liter jar. After filling it, there should be some space left under the neck. Fill nuts with moonshine, insist 15 days. After preparation, tincture should be filtered.

Sweet onions from bruises

A man who received a serious spinal injury, a large number of sprains and bruises, faced such a problem as a tumor. He could hardly get out of bed. The tumor was huge, she settled on her knee, just in the part that the man hit.

A friend advised him to rub or cut into small cubes a bulb and fill it with 1 tbsp. l. Sahara. The mixture should be immediately put on the tumor after the tumor, then the sore spot should be wrapped in cellophane and bandaged. At night compress should be replaced with a new one. If there is no fracture, the tumor will come off 3 days after treatment.

Elimination of a tumor in the sky

One grandmother, regardless of the type of tumor, advises everyone to be treated with salted fat, applying it to a sore spot. When using this method, the tumor begins to disappear after 3 days, completely disappears after 3 weeks.

Ointment Vishnevsky

To eliminate swelling, you can apply to a bandage, folded 4 times, Vishnevsky ointment, attach it to a sore spot, wrap with cellophane. To warm up, you should place cotton wool and a woolen shawl. Bandage should be changed every 2 days. The course of treatment is 2 months.