Treating cysts with folk remedies.

Cyst Is a pathological cavity on tissues, filled with liquid or, sometimes, dense contents. A cyst occurs anywhere in the human body, but more often it becomes a victim of mucous membranes and internal organs - the oral cavity, kidneys, uterus, liver.

Treatment scheme for cysts

For the implementation of folk cyst treatment kidneys in equal parts mix fresh juice of a guelder-rose and flower honey.

Then everything is done according to a certain scheme.

First week.

  • In the morning, on an empty stomach take a quarter teaspoon of this elixir.

  • The second week is

  • The same, but the dose increases to half a teaspoon.

  • The third week - on the whole teaspoon both in the morning and in the evening.

    Fourth week

  • On a tablespoon twice a day.

  • Fifth week.


    The sixth week.

    On a tablespoon twice a day, that is, a repetition of the fourth week.

    Further, there is a decrease in doses, the seventh week repeats the third, the eighth - the second, and the ninth - the first, that is, we return to a quarter of a teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach.

    Folk methods of treatment

    Kistu buds, and other varieties of cysts are treated with burdock leaves. With the help of a meat grinder or any other method, the leaves of burdock are turned into gruel, which is placed in a container and placed in a refrigerator.

    In the form of gruel, the storage time of the burdock is three days.

    The scheme of reception:

  • The first two days - a teaspoon twice a day.

  • The next three days - a teaspoon three times a day.

  • The next two days - a tablespoon three times a day.

  • Then this circle is repeated four times, that is, the course of treatment will be four weeks, almost a month.

  • After this, a month break is made and everything starts again.

  • Juice of burdock for treating cysts

    The juice of burdock also helps. From cysts in the kidney during the quarter daily use three times a day for a couple of tablespoons of juice of burdock, before eating. Juice can be done with a juicer.

    Three-liter jar filled with boiled water and poured thirty grams of ground young root elecampane, and a tablespoon of yeast. The closed bank is insisted for two days. Use half a cup four times a day, after eating. After the end of the miracle elixir, take a break for three weeks and repeat everything again.

    Treatment of the cyst of the vagina

    For the treatment of vaginal cysts, one part of the grass of the vagina cyst is mixed with one part of the herb three-parted strips, nettle nettle, three-color violet, oregano, wormwood, walnut foliage, walrus fruits, valerian root and sorrel horse six parts of St. John's wort, four parts of burdock root, , herb spores and flowers of the immortelle sandy.

    From this mixture take three tablespoons of the collection and pour in a thermos half-liter of boiling water. Insist about half a day, then filtered. Use half a cup to four times a day, half an hour before a meal. Take three weeks, then a week break, then repeat until recovery.