Analyzes for the early diagnosis of cancer

Each woman should regularly perform self-examination of her breasts, however, having reached the age of eighteen, once a year should be examined by a surgeon or mammologist.

After reaching the age of forty, in addition to examining the mammologist should do a mammogram of ultrasound of the mammary glands.

There are a number of oncomarkers that are developed for chemotherapeutists and oncologists, they are necessary for the early diagnosis of tumors and the detection of metastases. With their help, the definition of metastases is possible six months before their clinical manifestation. Also oncomarkers allow you to monitor the ongoing treatment of cancer. The level of the marker, however, increases with accompanying background diseases and pregnancy, and specific, ideal markers do not exist. Therefore, reliable preservation of health requires regular passage of preventive examinations by doctors and timely treatment of existing diseases.

First of all, you should be examined by a general practitioner, where you will have an anamnesis and complaints, a hereditary predisposition is determined, an examination is made, necessary tests, ultrasound and radiography are carried out.

Timely treatment and observing schedule prescribed by a doctor can prevent the development of cancer pathology, and meeting these requirements is a sure way to diagnose cancer early.

Analyzes for the early diagnosis of cancer

In order to be more comfortable with your health, you should submit an analysis to a number of oncomarkers. In particular, it is a tumor marker CA-125 which is used in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. To prevent uterine fibroids, you should visit a gynecologist every six months and perform an ultrasound examination of the small pelvis.

As for the skin formations, it is necessary to treat attentively the birthmarks and not to allow their degeneration into cancer. In the presence of a large number of moles on the body, it is necessary to perform dermatoscopy in order to determine the nature of the skin formations.

If birthmarks in large quantities were exposed to solar radiation, diseases bordering on skin cancer and malignant tumors such as melanoma, basioma, carcinoma can be initiated.

Benign skin diseases that are often injured, for example, due to their unfortunate location, are better to be prudently removed. The same applies to the formations on the head, especially in people with fair skin and light or red hair.

Ananlysis of blood and oncomarkers

To detect cancer, a biochemical blood test can also help, which gives an idea of ​​a number of changes in blood proteins. The main thing is that he can prompt the need for more detailed additional research. With the growth of cancer cells, the increased formation of protein, which is carried by blood throughout the body, begins, which can be shown by a biochemical analysis of the blood;

To prevent the development of prostate cancer, it is desirable to carry out an analysis on the tumor marker PSA. For those who survive to the age of forty, such an analysis should become annual and mandatory.

Diagnosis of liver cancer can be done using a blood test for alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), and the mammary gland and ovaries are checked by a blood test of the BRCA, on the CA 15-3 cancer marker.

You can also make a blood test for cancer-embryonic antigen (CEA), which will allow early detection of cancer tumors regardless of their location.

Bladder cancer is determined by a blood test for human chorionic gonadotropin (HCH), and the cancer marker CA 72-4 can detect lung and stomach cancer.

To disrupt the cancer of the intestine, pancreas, stomach, liver can be carried out by a blood test for oncomarker CCA 19-9.

Neuron-specific enolase (NSE) is determined by a blood test, which allows to determine lung, endocrine and nervous system cancer, and a blood test for the SCCA will provide information on carcinomas of different locations.

When analyzing blood for thyroglobulin, thyroid cancer can be detected, and on CYFRA 21-1 - the bladder and lungs.

The blood test for HE 4 shows ovarian cancer, and the CA -125 cancer marker is evidence of cancer of the stomach, liver, lungs, rectum, pancreas.