Recovery after removal of the ovarian cyst. Folk remedies

Kista - it is always some kind of hollow formation, filled with liquid contents. Benign, but the transition to a malignant condition is not excluded. All this applies to the ovarian cyst.

Ovarian cysts are treated and, with adequate treatment, dissolve themselves. If within three months treatment of the ovarian cyst did not bring fruit and the cyst did not resolve, surgical intervention can not be avoided, otherwise passivity can lead to a malignant tumor.

Laparoscopic removal of the ovarian cyst

The most sparing surgical method, with a minimal cut of the abdominal wall, and significant diagnostic capabilities is a laparoscopic operation. In this case, only a very small injury of healthy tissues is possible and almost no postoperative scar remains. Recovery after removal of the ovarian cyst shorter compared with other types of surgical interventions. Patients from the first postoperative day can get up to take liquid food. Some leave the hospital the very next day, but, sometimes, if the severity of the disease and the amount of surgical intervention were large enough, the delay in the hospital could last for six days.

Recovery after removal of the ovarian cyst

Workability is restored after one and a half to two weeks after the operation. The menstrual cycle can move, but this is not dangerous, and is regarded as normal. Laparoscopy is an organ-preserving operation, and it practically does not affect pregnancy and childbirth.

Folk remedies after removal of ovarian cyst

For treatment after surgical adhesions, polyps and cysts of the ovaries, a tincture of the Golden mustache is prepared. To this end, it is necessary to prepare a crushed mass of thirty joints of the shoots and pour it half a liter of vodka, to insist for two weeks in the dark, to filter. When stored, the infusion will change the color from lilac to brown, but this does not affect its healing properties.

On an empty stomach, in thirty milliliters of water to drip ten drops of tincture and take inside, do not swallow immediately, forty minutes before eating. These folk remedies are very useful, because they are natural. We carry out the same procedure in the evening. The next day, increase the concentration to eleven drops. The third day - twelve drops, and for three and a half weeks bring to 35 drops at the reception. Then there is a drop in concentration by drop per day and for three and a half weeks it is necessary to return to the original ten drops. So take two courses with a break in a week.

In the third year there is a transition to a three-time reception, but the scheme is the same. Usually five courses are enough. After the third course, the break between the courses is a week and a half.

Medicines for the restoration of

For treatment after operational adhesions, half an hour before taking the tincture, the following homeopathic remedies are taken: the day to use GRAFIT 30 the next day CALCARIA Fluorica 200 the third day GRAFIT 30 the fourth SILICATION 200. And then alternate CALCARIA FLUORIC 200 with CYLINDER 200 throughout the course of treatment.