ASD fraction 2 against cancer. Treatment of lung cancer, stomach

There are legends about this drug. The official permit is ASD fraction 2 received only in veterinary medicine. However, the world is full of news about the effectiveness of this drug for treatment of cancer and people. According to one of the legends, the reliability of which is in no way reinforced, with the help of the SDA faction 2 the mother of Beria was healed.

Therefore, when deciding on medical treatment by means for which the Ministry of Health has not been issued a license, you take responsibility for your life only if you are not, of course, Beria.

Interest in the ASD of fraction 2 against cancer has increased in recent times largely due to the exaggeration of this topic in the press.

They say that ASD greatly increases immunity, this is a valuable property in the fight against cancer.

Technique of ASD 2 treatment of cancer

The preparation itself was developed in 1947 in the laboratory of the All-Union Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine (VIEV), where frog tissue, subject to thermal sublimation with condensation of liquid, was used as a raw material. With this kind of sublimation, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids decompose to form low-molecular components.

The received preparation had antiseptic, stimulating, wound-healing action. They crossed it ASD (antiseptic stimulant Dorogova).

Further, frogs were replaced with meat-and-bone meal, but its properties did not deteriorate, because the effect of high temperatures neutralizes information about the species of the organism that is raw material.

Manufacture of ASD for the treatment of cancer

In modern conditions, ASD fluids are manufactured using special technology from the tissues of long-lived animals. LSD fraction 2 is a tea-colored liquid with a very specific odor. It is used both externally and internally.

The scientists believe that ASD fraction 2 against cancer has a clearly expressed antibacterial effect, while it is a powerful adaptogen, that is, it easily passes the tissue barriers, because its structure is similar to the structure of a living cell and it does not tear away. Therefore, there are no side effects, it eliminates the negative effect on the fetus in the mother's womb. ASD not only supports the coordinating role of the peripheral nervous system, but also provides the necessary hormonal background. He takes part in all metabolic processes, manifests himself as a modulator of the body's immune system. Restoring to them the normal ratio of cells that regulate the various processes necessary for the body ensures the normal operation of all organs and systems. ASD does not act as a certain microbe, but on the whole human body, which, due to the action of the drug itself, destroys this microbe enriched with the received forces and material.

Treatment of cancer ASD 2. Disadvantages

Lack of it, for someone, maybe, and determining - a strong nauseating smell.

Adapting to the drug is not documented.

In the treatment of ASD, a large amount of liquid (2-3 liters a day) is needed to remove toxins and toxins from the body. Special diets for treatment with the drug is not required, overdoses are also not terrible.

"For" treatment of lung and stomach cancer with the help of ASD

The precancerous forms of the disease are perfectly manageable with the help of ASD of fraction 2. The general dosage and the scheme are applied, compresses are applied to external tumors.

The age of the patient, the location of the tumor and the nature of cancer lesions are of primary importance in the treatment of cancer. ASD F-2 quickly stops the course of the disease and relieves pain. In advanced stages of cancer, not a common dosage is used, but up to five milliliters of SDA per hundred milliliters of water twice a day. All these actions - only with the approval and under the supervision of a doctor.

Intensive treatment of cancer using ASD

An intensive method of treatment of cancer with the use of ASD is performed according to the progressive scheme (four-time administration), at which the doses of the medicine taken gradually increase.

Take in 8 00 , 12 00 , 16 00 , 20 00 hours daily. Doses grow every five days. The first five days - five drops each, the second - ten, the third - twenty, etc., until you reach a dose of fifty drops. After that, take fifty drops before recovery.

A gentle technique for treating cancer using ASD

On the first day (for example, on Monday) in the morning for 30 minutes. Before eating, 30-40 milliliters of tea are poured into a cup and three drops of SD-F-2 dripped.

Tuesday - five drops, on Wednesday - seven, on Thursday - nine, on Friday -onventeen, on Saturday- thirteen, Sunday day of rest and the analysis of the sensations.

The second, third and fourth are also devoted to taking the drug according to the same scheme. Then a week break. After the break, the ASD again starts receiving the same scheme, but starts not with three, but with five drops of ASD, adding two drops daily. Treated for a month (four weeks), then again a week's rest and the whole course repeats.

Be sure to control your health, any deterioration in health - a signal to stop using the drug.