Inflammation of the kidneys in children. What to do and how to treat the kidneys?

Inflammation of the kidneys is a serious disease requiring urgent treatment, since inflammation of the kidneys in the absence of proper treatment can lead to the development of serious complications, with which then it will be much harder to fight. If kidney inflammation develops in children, it is necessary to urgently consult a pediatrician.

Inflammation of the kidneys in children - a phenomenon quite common, it is understandable, children often catch cold, spend a long time on the street, can soak their feet.

Symptoms of inflammation of the kidney

If adults can easily suspected inflammation of the kidneys, watching the general condition of their body, then children often simply can not understand their feelings. The detection of the disease is complicated by the fact that it manifests itself as symptoms similar to colds. These symptoms include increased body temperature, chills, decreased activity in the child, muscle pain, aches.

The main symptoms of kidney inflammation are the increased urge to urinate, soreness with urination, an admixture of blood in the urine, and the presence of white flakes.

Inflammation of the kidney in children is accompanied by the same symptoms as in adults. It is very important not to ignore the child's complaints of pain when urinating. Do not be lazy and watch the contents of the pot, believe me, it can tell you a lot.

Inflammation of the kidneys in children - what to do?

If you suspected any malfunction in the work of the child's body, do not put off going to the pediatrician for a long time. Especially if it is related to the kidneys. Since the main functions of this vital organ are purification of the body and urination.

If the kidneys do not cope with these tasks, there is a risk of complications, intoxication of the body. The doctor will give the test and the medical examination. To diagnose kidney inflammation in children, it is necessary to pass laboratory tests - a general urine analysis, a urine test for nechyporenko, a urine test for the winter, a general blood test, and an ultrasound examination.

And only on the basis of the results of the examination the doctor will be able to make an accurate diagnosis, on the basis of which he will appoint the right treatment. As a rule, it consists of taking antibiotics, drugs that have anti-inflammatory action, diuretics, painkillers, diet.

How to treat kidney inflammation in children?

Often inflammation of the kidneys in children is treated with the help of warming procedures, they include baths, foot baths, lumbar wrap. These measures are suitable for the treatment of a cold kidney. And still the doctor's consultation on this matter will not be superfluous. In addition, the child is recommended to adhere to bed rest, to limit the pastime on the street.

If the child complains of back pain, discomfort during urination, poor health, pay attention to these symptoms, since kidney inflammation in children can easily become chronic, and this is very dangerous for children (as well as for adults).