Uzi of kidneys during pregnancy: indications

During pregnancy, kidney diseases are often exacerbated, because during pregnancy kidneys are forced to work two more. In addition, the fetus develops, grows, begins to press not only on the bladder, but also on the kidneys. Oscillations of hormones, sensitivity of immunity, too, do not pass without a trace in pregnancy.

Why appoint uzi kidneys during pregnancy?

Kidney diseases can adversely affect the development and even the life of the baby, as some diseases can provoke miscarriage or premature birth. Therefore, if your kidneys are aching, inform your doctor about this, which will be sent to the kidney ultrasound.

Ultrasound is an accessible, fast, safe and informative method of research. Some experts believe that ultrasound of kidneys during pregnancy should be done absolutely for all women to determine the condition of the kidney tissue, evaluate the processes that occur in the kidneys, their size, location. Ultrasound examination of the kidneys allows to identify violations in the work of the kidneys, as well as to check blood vessels, blood flow with the help of Doppler. After all, some diseases may not appear in the early stages of pregnancy. And early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.

Uzi kidney helps to identify kidney stones, tumor neoplasms in the kidneys, cysts, developmental anomalies, purulent lesions.

Who needs to make kidney ulcers during pregnancy?

As is known, ultrasound is ultrasound, so most women are not thrilled with excess ultrasound, and this method of diagnosis requires evidence. Gynecologists also argue that it is necessary only in time to take all the necessary tests. It is on the basis of their results that it is possible to suspect any violations and only then to send the future mother to the uzi of the kidneys. Protein in the urine, bacteria - these are the main indications for ultrasonic examination of the kidneys. But if you feel that your kidneys are aching, the lumbar region is swelling, your face and limbs are swollen, you feel pain when you urinate, your blood pressure is high - go to a doctor and most likely you will have to make a kidney ulcer.

Harm of uzi of kidneys during pregnancy

Particular attention should be paid precisely to the harm of ultrasound, since this issue worries absolutely all women who carry children. In fact, no one can give a definite answer. According to experts, ultrasonic waves penetrate not so deep as to harm the baby, however, this is only an assumption, since no studies have been conducted. But also it is impossible to assert, that uzi of kidneys at pregnancy is absolutely safe, as also this assumption is not proved by any proofs.