Kidney pulls: causes, diseases

The kidneys are located in the lumbar region. If we talk about the internal situation, it is important to note that the kidneys are in the retroperitoneal region, located near the spine, at the level of the twelfth thoracic vertebra to the second lumbar vertebra, while one kidney is slightly higher than the other. Kidney diseases are accompanied by pain in the lumbar region. It is very important not to confuse kidney diseases with muscle strain and inflammation of the roots of the spinal nerves, which can also be manifested by pain sensations.

Inflammation and drawing pains

If you feel that you are attracted to the kidneys, there may be an inflammatory process in the kidney parenchyma. Surprisingly, kidneys do not have nerve endings. This is due to the fact that the pain syndrome arises from the increase in the substance of the kidneys, which is the reason for the stretching of the renal capsule. But she has a lot of nerve endings, which stretch, as a result, there are pain.

It is very important to undergo a full medical examination, because if the patient says that he has kidneys, the reasons can be very diverse.

When the kidneys are pulled, etiotropic treatment can be used, the purpose of which is to reduce or eliminate the inflammatory process. Due to this, the pressure on the kidney capsule decreases, therefore, the pain syndrome is eliminated. In some cases, treatment does not provide quick and effective results. Drawing pains in the kidneys continue to bother the patient. Then the doctor recommends taking painkillers.

Does the kidneys pull nephroptosis?

Nephroptosis, that is, the omission of the kidney. One of the symptoms of this disease is a drawing pain in the kidneys. And at the beginning of the disease the patient and does not at all observe discomfort. Draws buds from time to time. When the disease progresses, the renal blood supply worsens, signs of urine retention appear, which is manifested by an increase in the level of erythrocytes and protein in the urine. The third stage of nephroptosis is accompanied by constant pain in the kidneys, which can lead to neurasthenia. Sometimes the disease provokes disturbances in the digestive system, a decrease in appetite. Renal colic can occur against the background of a strong inflection of urine with increased physical exertion.


"Pulls buds" - with such a complaint, patients with renal hydronephrosis often go to medical institutions. In the early stages, the disease can not betray itself. Usually it can be detected during an ultrasound or radiographic examination, and also if an infection has occurred. Strongly expressed symptoms are not accompanied by renal hydronephrosis, but the patient can sometimes note pulling pains in the kidneys. Sometimes, against the background of the disease, there is renal colic. After a while, an enlarged kidney can be found during palpation, there may be blood in the urine.

What if it pulls the kidneys?

If you have kidneys, you should immediately consult a doctor, especially if the symptom is accompanied by fever, abdominal pain, vomiting. Drawing pain in the lumbar region can signal a serious illness.