Treatment of sand in the kidney with the help of medicines

When very small stones appear in the kidneys, they speak of sand in the kidneys, which appears due to metabolic disorders, in particular, water-salt, and changes in the chemical composition of the blood.

The main causes of sand in the kidney

In addition to these basic causes the occurrence of sand in the kidney there are many additional factors. This, for example, lack of mobility, it leads to a violation of phosphorus-calcium metabolism. It is important and an overabundance of protein in food or a monotonous diet. The climate, the region of residence and just the housing conditions, the profession and heredity, the urinary tract infection, hydronephrosis and other anatomical changes in the kidneys, nephroptosis and other factors that cause the disturbance of the normal outflow of urine from the kidneys, metabolic and vascular disorders in the kidney - this is an incomplete list of phenomena, affecting the occurrence of sand in the kidneys.

The most studied cause of calcium metabolism disorders, which are the basis for the appearance of urinary stones, are due to a disruption in the activity of parathyroid glands. This reason has been studied most carefully by medicine.

In the treatment of sand in the kidney it is important to use liquid at a level sufficient to maintain a daily amount of urine from one and a half to two and a half liters. Some part of the received liquid can be consumed in the form of fruit juice from cranberries or cowberries, as well as mineral water recommended by a doctor.

Diet in the presence of sand in the kidneys

The diet also provides for a restriction in the diet of milk, cheese, fish products, chocolate, sorrel, salad, black currant, strawberry, strong tea, cocoa (with oxalates).

With urates, the diet restricts the intake of roast and smoked meat, meat broths, offals, legumes, coffee, chocolate, alcohol. Spicy food should be completely excluded.

Treatment of sand in the kidney

Effective in the treatment of phytospores, but only with a thorough examination and consideration of the nature and composition of the stones.

When urate acid diathesis and uratex apply, for example, the collection of birch buds, flax seeds, parsley, dog rose, a leaf of strawberry (in equal parts), which must be carefully crushed. Take two tablespoons of this powder, and boil half a liter of boiling water. To insist, enough sleep time. In the morning take a quarter cup four times a day. They are treated for two or three months, after which they make a two-week break.

With oxalate and phosphate stones, the flowers of the immortelle, the sweet clover grass, the cranberry leaf, the root of the madder and the herb of the motherwort are evenly mixed and crushed. Two tablespoons of raw materials are brewed with half a liter of boiling water and insisted in a thermos at night. Take a quarter cup four times a day.