Tablets against cystitis. Overview of

To cyst can not be taken lightly, underestimating the severity of the disease. Its consequences can be very negative, so it is better to immediately turn to a specialist. Especially since cystitis is not only an independent disease, it can be a manifestation of pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, sexual infections. The chronic form of cystitis leads to a change in the cells of the bladder, which is fraught with the formation of cysts and the risk of their transition to malignant formations.

The main causative agent of cystitis is E. coli, which penetrates the urinary system in violation of the rules of personal hygiene, wearing strings, synthetic underwear. A common cause of cystitis is trauma during intercourse, reaction to the partner's microflora, sexual infections.

Review of preparations from cystitis

The same remedies are not effective for everyone, which helped one person completely useless for another or causes side effects. Therefore, before treatment, it is necessary to pass urine culture in order to identify the causative agents of the disease and apply the drugs to which they are sensitive. After treatment, repeat the sowing to control the cystitis cure.


In acute inflammatory process, antibiotics are prescribed without fail. Based on the analysis of urine, the doctor may prescribe:

Monural - a powerful urological antiseptic with a wide spectrum of action. The active component - phosphomycin has a directional effect on the pathogens of infection and is very effective in acute bacterial cystitis.

Nolitsin, Normaks, Norbaktin, Norfloxacin - antibiotics from the group of fluoroquinolones (active substance - norfloxacin) with a wide spectrum of action. Sufficiently effective for infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract.

Nitroxoline, 5NOK - preparations from the group of oxyquinolines, uroantiseptics. Active component - nitroxoline, mainly has an effect in diseases of the urogenital tract.

Furagin, Furamag - derivatives of nitrofuran, uroantiseptics with the active component - furazidine, are indicated for infectious and inflammatory lesions of the urinary tract.

Furadonin is a derivative of nitrofuran, the active ingredient is nitrofurantoin, is indicated for uncomplicated infection of the urinary tract.

Nevigramon - an antibiotic from the group of quinolones, the active component - nalidixic acid, is shown mainly in diseases of the urinary system.

Palin is an antibiotic of the quinolone series, the active ingredient is pipemidic acid, used for urinary tract infections of an acute and chronic nature.

Preparations of vegetable origin

Usually they are prescribed for uncomplicated cystitis or as part of complex therapy.

Kanefron - includes grass of a thousand-centner, leaves of rosemary, roots lovage. The drug is indicated in the complex therapy of chronic cystitis, for the prevention of urolithiasis.

Cyston - its tablets contain extracts and powders of more than a dozen medicinal plants with a diuretic, litholytic and anti-inflammatory effect. They are prescribed for the complex treatment of urinary tract infections.

Monurel Previtsyst is made from an extract of cranberry and vitamin C, it is prescribed in the complex therapy of chronic and acute inflammations of the urinary system, for the prevention of relapses with cystitis.