Signs of depression. How to recognize depression

Depression often difficult to recognize. On the one hand, there is a misconception that a person is considered weak if he tells others about his problems and can not cope with them himself, and on the other hand, often patients have signs depression is hidden for aggressive behavior and /or alcohol abuse begins. If you go to work with your head, start actively playing sports or take a great interest in such sports that lead to risk and extreme situations, and even hobby for gambling - this is exactly what can to a certain extent testify to depression. How to get out of depression? How to cope with depression?

Depression does not mean that you have a weak character. It is generally accepted that depression, transmission of impulses in the brain structures, shows a deficiency of serotonin.

Basically patients who suffer from depression, as the main signs, feel anxiety or anguish How to get rid of depression, because they consider themselves unhappy, helpless and forgotten. Very often, they are annoyed by trifles, they do not like everything that happens, they are not pleased with what always pleased them. They either lack or lack appetite, have difficulty sleeping (they fall asleep heavily, but at the same time sleep is not deep, not bringing a sense of peace , often dreams are accompanied by nightmares), the surrounding world ceases to interest, it seems that there is neither the strength nor the desire to do anything, the feeling of fatigue overwhelms, the feeling that you do not need anyone and is absolutely helpless, thoughts of suicide and death, guilt - all this is a sign of depression.

Is depression treatment necessary? , because practically all people who suffer from depression, there are a lot of physical symptoms. Basically, this is a frequent headache, annoying dizziness, unpleasant feelings in the heart and abdomen, pain in the joints, constipation or diarrhea, changes in the menstrual cycle, and a decrease in sexual desire. according to statistics, more than a third of patients who attend general polyclinics may suffer from hidden, better said "disguised" depressions. It is rather difficult to decide which treatment for depression should be used with such a vast set of symptoms of the disease

So, how to get rid of depression and its signs, how to get out of depression, if along with the already mentioned symptoms can occur anhedonia (this is when a person is unable to have fun), a sense of inhibition, weak concentration of attention along with absentmindedness, forgetfulness, and "noise" and ringing "in the ears, headaches accompanied by dizziness.

How to deal with depression and its symptoms? What to do with depression? How to get out of depression? A lot of patients and potential patients are looking for and want to find answers to these topical questions in our time.

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