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Mental disorder associated with a violation of the body as an integral system, as a result of the violation of mental processes and emotional state is called schizophrenia. Such violations can be both negative and productive.

In the productive type, and this is schizophrenia with paranoia, the manifestation of hallucinations, a certain inhibition or the opposite of excitement (which may affect the speech function), the most frequent manifestations of nervousness, mental instability, and, in addition, affective actions are possible.

With negative schizophrenic disorder can be observed the duality of the personality or its significant changes, a decrease in efficiency, and perhaps a partial loss of it, the destruction of the person in the emotional plan.

The concept of "schizophrenia"

1908 is considered the year of the first introduction of the term "schizophrenia". It is based on the Greek words "shizo", which translates as split, "fren" - i.e. mind. The literal translation of the concept is associated with brain disorder, and not with personality splitting.

From the point of view of diagnostics, it is, first of all, about such symptoms as mental disorders, primarily its logicality and expediency, the absence of meaning and the perfect emptiness.

With a detailed examination of the history of the study of the disease, it should be noted the use of the concept of "schizophrenia" in hypnosis. Here it began to be used for 15 years earlier than in psychiatry.

The prevalence of schizophrenia in the world is

It's sad that the number of patients with schizophrenia is quite large. In the digital equivalent, the number of schizophrenics is 1% of the population of our planet. However, it should be noted that we are talking about registered cases. It does not take into account the earlier manifestation of schizophrenia, weakly expressed forms in which there is no recourse for medical care.

Etiology of schizophrenia

Until now, the issue of the causes and development of the disease has not been finally resolved. It does not lose its relevance and importance, as evidenced by the fact that the researcher who discovered the cause of the disease will become a Nobel laureate. Medical science has a number of hypotheses.

It was found that in 40% of cases the child will have schizophrenia if both parents are ill, in 50% in case of identical twins the disease manifests itself partially or not. In case of a disease of only one of the parents, the probability of the birth of a sick child is reduced to 10%.

According to experts, such statistics are significantly understated. There are situations when sick children appear in perfectly healthy families. And such cases are not isolated. This allows us to conclude that there are strong disease-provoking factors.

It is interesting that children who grew up in families, where one of the parents is sick with schizophrenia, acquire in adulthood such symptoms. They are not forming quite adequate responses to the environment, expressed in screaming or crying. These children have problems communicating with others. Such people are often found in our environment, it seems that they do not have the stock of knowledge that they should have at their age.

In those families where the child was not given the necessary attention or he was deprived of love and affection, manifestations of antisocial inclinations and behavior are possible.

Symptomatic of the disease of schizophrenia

The first sign, which manifests itself in this disease, should be considered a general deterioration of well-being. It is accompanied by a decrease in mental activity, it becomes more difficult for a person to work, especially when it comes to mental stress. This is due to the fact that the human body, being an integral system, deteriorates its general state and reacts worse to the surrounding environment. It wakes up such traits as selfishness and anger. The polarity of the emotional state is observed, it reacts very violently to some stimuli, but does not react to others at all. And such reactions are inadequate.

So, grief can be perceived quite calmly, and a simple difficulty can cause an extremely violent reaction. Such people have reduced emotional stability, they become extremely thoughtful, even in cases when the occasion is quite insignificant. A person loses the ability to make plans for the future, becomes apathetic. He begins to reason with himself about the meaning of his own life, inability to correctly build it. Increasingly, it is concluded that nothing will come of it.

An important symptom of this disease is the impoverishment of human mimicry . A detailed examination of this symptom reveals a gradual loss of the ability to reflect emotions on your face. Men suffering from the disease, stop shaving, and the woman ceases to follow his wardrobe and make-up.

The disease is insidious and can manifest like a submarine: either it rises to the surface and becomes noticeable, or develops secretly, as if moving underwater. Also, for this disease, progression from one state to another is inherent.

Distinctive features of usual behavior and schizophrenia

It should be noted that the differences between people with deviant behavior and schizophrenics are practically not noticeable. In cases of isolation, such people are able to harm themselves with their own actions. History presents us with enough examples. So, many outstanding personalities suffered either schizophrenia or had its makings. Such, for example, were Van Gogh and Franz Kafka.

Schizophrenia can be treated in two ways. The film "Mind Games" presents the fate of the famous mathematician John Nash. The authors were able to very clearly imagine the course of schizophrenia in the main character. This film was shot as a documentary. Suffering from schizophrenia, Nash went through an infernal course of treatment and found the strength to return to teaching and scientific work. The mathematician received the award, however, he did not manage to recover.

Another example of life. The head of the largest company suffers from schizophrenia, as a result of illness his leadership style is cruel and not emotional. This behavior allows you to achieve high results in the work and get tangible profits.

As a rule, people with this disease choose narrow-profile and non-complex specialties. Due to the fact that they move in one narrow direction, they manage to achieve a lot.

Modern therapy is reduced to the use of drugs and psychotherapy. The main use of neuroleptic and antidepressant drugs. Initially, drugs are prescribed and, during treatment, an individual therapeutic regimen is developed. The complexity of drug therapy is precisely its individuality.

The positive outcome of treatment always depends on the doctor and the patient.

Before the doctor is the task of forming a trust with the patient, as a result of which the doctor receives the maximum amount of information necessary for successful treatment.

On the part of the patient, strict compliance with all the requirements set by the doctor is required. Thanks to the high level of development of modern pharmacy and medicine, the availability of a wide range of medicines makes it not difficult to choose an effective treatment regimen.

However, the situation of mutual understanding between the patient and the doctor described above is ideal. Practice shows that in their relationship there are two main options.

In the first case, the doctor has no interest in treating the patient.

In the second, the patient is not interested in the treatment, because he could get into a medical institution at the insistence of his family or brought by an ambulance. In this case, the patient is absolutely sure of the absence of the disease. In this situation, the case is almost hopeless.

The main problem in effective therapy is that the patient does not have a perception of his own disease. In this situation, the principle is not to harm. The doctor must make the right decision in favor of hospitalization or treatment at home. When a person is isolated from society, persistent deterioration of health is observed. After hospital treatment, such people are difficult to return to normal life.

Councils for the treatment of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia refers to poorly studied diseases. There are cases when relapses are observed 15 years after an absolutely normal life. Therefore, it is so important to follow such a simple advice: throughout life, adhere to the most basic treatment.

It should be remembered that the reason lies not in any microorganism, but in the human psyche, which was formed during his life. Here, meditation, discussions about the meaning of life, society will come to the aid. It is recommended to study the works of the classics of philosophy. A great help in therapy is having a hobby. It is necessary to follow the advice of a Chinese sage, according to which it is necessary to eat moderately, to constantly learn new knowledge, to engage in science and art in youth, to abstain from stinginess and anger, to be friends with people who have good upbringing. Also, you should tell yourself that there is no need for something. It is necessary to take care of relatives. The unity of the inner and outer life of man.


How to treat schizophrenia

The use of traditional medicine in the treatment of schizophrenia

Rye tea . Every day, right after lifting, fresh rye tea is brewed: a tablespoon is poured with 025 liters of steep boiling water. The received infusion is drunk completely. For treatment, take a bag of rye, and the tea is brewed until the vegetable raw material has run out. It is believed that after this, the ailment will be defeated. Marjoram garden

Traditional medicine offers another herbal remedy for combating schizophrenia - an infusion of flowers from marjoram garden. For its preparation pour steep boiling water (400 gr.) 2 tablespoons of crushed flowers. Insist and strain. Infusion is consumed before meals for 30 minutes. half a glass four times a day.

Alcohol tinctures in the treatment of schizophrenia

No doubt schizophrenia is a serious, intractable and unpleasant ailment, in the absence of therapy gradually leading to the degradation of the individual. This disease can be accompanied by hallucinations and delirium.

Positive results in the treatment of schizophrenia give the use of medicinal balsams. To prepare one of them you will need dark dishes. All tinctures are taken in the following proportions: borage, full-color field, peppermint and oregano, lemon balm, lily of the May, wild strawberry, hawthorn and barberry (2 parts each); Valerian root medicinal (3 parts) and marsh swallow (1 part). The ingredients are mixed, the resulting balsam is consumed on a tablespoon 1/2 hour before meals.

Strengthening the therapeutic effect of the proposed balm contributes to the use of another balm. For its preparation, tinctures are also used: melissa leaves, valerian root medicinal (2 parts each), chicory roots, oregano and motherwort (3 parts each).

Therapy for psychasthenic manifestations

A type of schizophrenia is psychasthenia. His manifestation is a fearful expectation. People suffering from psychasthenia are constantly in a state of waiting for unpleasant events. For them, there is a doubt about the correctness of the decisions taken. Their condition is similar to the behavior of a woman who constantly checks whether electrical appliances are turned off. In the case of the development of such a disease, several simple rules should be followed: increase the rest time, especially in the evenings, organize proper nutrition (rational and balanced).

Prescription of balsam for psychasthenia

They mix 100 milliliters of tinctures of the leaves of the motherwort, the herb of dried flowers, the flowers of the hawthorn and the hundred and fifty milliliters of tincture of the flowers of chamomile. With a therapeutic purpose take a tablespoon of balsam an hour after eating. For children, a single dose of - 1 teaspoon.

Treatment baths for schizophrenia

The therapeutic effect is fairly simple in composition bath. The water temperature of the bath should be 36C and the duration of its intake is no more than 10 minutes. in a day. It is necessary to prepare a decoction of 150 gr. pine buds, 150 g. roots of elderberry and 100 gr. Immature pericarp nuts walnut.

Mixed ingredients pour 0.5 liters of boiled water and place on a water bath. Withstand not less than 30 minutes. Then add 1 cup of common table salt, wrap with a towel and insist for another 30 minutes. Prepared the broth carefully filter and add to the bathroom.

Some tips for the effective treatment of schizophrenia

People with schizophrenia should follow a few simple tips.

First of all, it should be remembered that this disease affects the individual way of life, which includes nutrition, behavior. Also, the abuse of alcoholic beverages exerts an adverse effect. Their use should be prohibited.

Improve the condition will help with sports.

In terms of nutrition, spicy foods and foods that are difficult to digest and digest by the body should be avoided. Do not eat beef and pork.

You should give up such a bad habit as smoking.

Careful attitude to themselves requires stimulant drugs, it is advisable generally to refuse to take them. The same applies to toning beverages, especially strong coffee and tea.

Good results are obtained by enriching the diet with fruits and berries. Especially well-proven strawberry and juniper berries.

It is necessary to increase the time spent in the open air, to enter into a habit of walking. The most effective sports activities, however, they are not shown to everyone. But every person can do an evening walk before going to sleep. A good effect is walking barefoot on the sandy beach, grass, you can even walk along the nearby lawn.

A beneficial effect on the body is having a morning cool shower.

Of great importance is a strong and restful sleep. It is good to use aromatic pillows filled with herbs such as mint, dry hops, oregano, thyme. Before going to bed, you can take a soothing bath with willow broth.

Among folk remedies for schizophrenia, an herbal collection is of interest.

For its preparation you need to take 75 gr. thyme and roots of elecampane, 100 gr. mistletoe, mix everything thoroughly. For broth you need 2 tbsp. spoon collection, which are poured 400 gr. steep boiling water and insist all night. The finished product is ground and applied on the floor; glass before each meal (30 minutes). After the entire portion of the cooked meal has been drunk, a week-long break must be done. After that, the course of treatment is repeated.