Lability of the intellectual, nervous, emotional what is it?

The property of lability is the nervous system of all living organisms. This is its quality manifested in the physiological (nervous lability) and psychological (intellectual and emotional lability) plan.

Nervous lability of

Lability of the nervous system can affect the physiological parameters of the body.

The vegetative nervous system regulates the functioning of internal organs, the lymphatic and circulatory system, numerous glands of the body.

It depends on it:

  • arterial pressure;

  • sweating;

  • ability to thermoregulation;

  • heart rate;

  • metabolism and much more.

  • The work of the autonomic nervous system is determined by digestion, assimilation of food, relaxation during rest, reaction in a stressful situation.

    The activity of the autonomic nervous system is not subordinate to man. If a person is healthy, she responds adequately to stress, temperature and other stimuli. With nervous lability, abnormal reactions occur - blood pressure rises sharply or sweating increases. Vegetativno labile people are very sensitive to mental stress, mental trauma, meteorological changes, they easily develop air or sea disease, fainting, reactions of intolerance, collapse.

    Intellectual lability

    The mental activity of the human brain, above all, is based on the quality of the intellect, which includes the ability to think logically, to cognize, to analyze information. In modern conditions, intellectual lability is very important for a person. The success of his work depends not only on professional knowledge, but also on the ability to think productively and constructively, to move from solving some tasks to others, highlighting the main thing at each particular moment.

    Adapting to various circumstances, a person is able, depending on the level of intellectual lability, which must be high enough, which implies the ability of the nervous system to quickly switch from excitation to inhibition. This quality of the nervous system is very in demand in the modern world. A person with sufficient lability of intellectual abilities knows how to think outside the box, adequately respond to changes in the situation, quickly master new skills and achieve success in the sphere of his activities.

    Emotional lability of

    Emotional lability is determined by the rate of change in the emotional state. From each other people differ in how fast and often their condition changes. With high emotional lability, it can change several times a day on the slightest occasions, emotion can induce actions without first thinking them over.

    The main feature of this type of lability is extreme mood variability, too frequent and abrupt with insignificant reasons for such changes. And the mood is inherent in a considerable depth, it can depend on the appetite, sleep, health, desire to retire or be in society, attitude to the future and memories of the past.

    Emotional lability is characteristic of people with a high degree of anxiety.