Fatigue: chronic fatigue syndrome - treatment and prevention

Treatment of the syndrome of chronic fatigue with the help of traditional medicine

Seven long years without sleep food and rest, driven by the desire to find ways to save mankind from death, Prince Sakya-Muni, aka Buddha, wandered in Indian thickets, immersed in deep thought. At the end of the seventh year, he felt tired and crouched at the source, to warm up a little water to restore strength. The plant that was next to him dropped a couple of leaves in a bowl of boiling water. After trying this broth, the prince felt an extraordinary burst of energy and easily continued his journey.

This describes one of the main feats of the "enlightened" Siddhartha Gautam Buddha, Prince Sakya-Muni - the opening of tea.

Nowadays, a disease has appeared and spread widely in the world, the first symptom of which is permanent weakness and fatigue, which Buddha never dreamed even during the most intensive meditation. This fatigue can last a very long time, even a long, long rest does not help it to be eliminated. Nature syndrome of chronic fatigue specialists have not yet been able to determine. There are opinions that the disease is likely to be viral, other experts tend to believe that this is a type of depression. Sleep disturbance, nausea, loss of appetite, weakness in the muscles, palpitations, lowering of arterial pressure when getting up, memory problems, distracted attention, dizziness, irritability, sensitivity to light, sound, smells and other irritants are the totality of the signs of this new disease.

Usually include long walks in the fresh air, hydrotherapy, massage showers, body cleansing activities, oxygen cocktails.

Since the time of the Buddha, who felt tired, does not stand still and Traditional medicine .

Folk recipes from the syndrome of chronic fatigue

Fill your protein with your diet: chicken, seafood, veal, fish;

Reduce the amount of strong coffee and tea, carbonated drinks

Drink grape juice 50 ml six times a day for a week.

Use small pieces of salt fish.

Cook the potatoes with the skin and three times a week, drink a glass of broth;

In the menu, for the fight against chronic fatigue syndrome, products containing iodine should be present: feijoa, sea kale, algae, iodized salt, champignons, citrus fruits, milk (only not together with citrus fruits).

Grind walnuts and mix with honey. Use daily on a tablespoon;

A dessert spoon of valerian tincture will relieve some of the manifestations of chronic fatigue (insomnia, nervous excitement). Together with it it is good before a dream to accept a warm bath, with broth of Valerian roots (to boil 20 minutes, to insist hour).

Brew grass motherwort, insist, drink every day for half a cup for a month;

Cranberry juice and lemon juice mixed (1: 2), it is good to sweeten. Let it be half a day. Take 100 ml for a quarter of an hour before eating.

A mixture of carrot, apple and lemon juice (2: 1: 1) with sugar. Take 100 ml for a quarter of an hour before eating.

At a syndrome of chronic weariness it is necessary to correct the weakened immunity.

Berries of juniper: start with five berries, adding a berries a day - up to fifteen berries, then - a countdown.

Cooked a quarter of an hour flowers and leaves of nettle to drink like tea.

Grind the sprouted oats, pour vodka or alcohol (dilute), insist a month. Strain and take on a tablespoon before eating;

Grind half a kilogram of walnuts, mix with lemon juice and 100 ml of aloe juice. On a teaspoon before eating;

A handful of dried wild strawberry berries pour a glass of boiling water, insist. Take 100 ml of warm infusion before eating.

Peppermint leaves, oregano, green oats, leaves of the tartar (1: 2: 2: 2) mix thoroughly. Brew a tablespoon of the mixture, insist a quarter of an hour. Half a cup before meals.

Three hundred grams of clover flowers immerse in boiling water and cook for a quarter of an hour. Add sugar, allow to cool. This bracing agent

Leaves of cowberry and strawberry: mix a tablespoon, pour a half liter of boiling water (preferably in a thermos), insist half an hour. Filter, add honey, drink t

A tablespoon of fresh raspberry fruit should be poured into boiling water (half a liter) in a thermos bottle and insist for two hours. 100 ml before meals; This recipe perfectly helps when removing the syndrome of chronic fatigue.

A rapid increase in tone can be arranged by taking a pinch of salt under the tongue, gradually dissolving and swallowing;

To get rid of depression it is possible inhaling drops of the essential oils put on a napkin. The composition can be as follows: basil oil, rose oil, sage oil (1: 1: 2).