Nervous exhaustion - causes, symptoms and folk remedies for the treatment of nervous exhaustion. Video

Constant intellectual or emotional stress, transferred stresses - all this leads to the emergence of such a psycho-emotional state, which is called nervous exhaustion. It can be a harbinger of depression or be a symptom of this disease. Nervous exhaustion is manifested in the disorder of the intellect, the violation of cognitive ability, memory, and the general physical condition. As a rule, this disease begins with insignificant fatigue. If a person does not notice it, does nothing to eliminate it, it gradually grows and develops into nervous exhaustion. Having such a disease, a person is not able to enjoy life, fully rest and work, communicate with other people. Its quality of life deteriorates.

Causes of nervous exhaustion

The main cause of this disease is overwork. This happens in the event that a person accumulates insufficient energy for his life. There is a depletion of the body's vital resources. Along with the physical, there is also nervous exhaustion. The human brain experiences colossal fatigue when there is a lack of rest and full sleep, mental and psychological stress, an excited state, the presence of bad habits, constant experiences and stresses. If you do not provide a person with a rest, he can emotionally "burn out", which results in nervous exhaustion.

If a person does not alternate between excitation and inhibition, active work and rest, emotional stress and discharge, as this should be normal, then most likely he will develop depression and become nervous exhaustion.

Symptoms of nervous exhaustion

This disease can be manifested by a huge number of symptoms that arise in the most diverse systems of the human body.

Head and heart pains, migraine, blood pressure jumps, palpitation, cold and numbness of limbs, insomnia, lowering of body temperature to 35 degrees, nausea and vomiting, nightmarish dreams appear.

In the sexual sphere there is a gradual decrease in sexual desire until its complete disappearance. Men experience erectile dysfunction, which leads to impotence.

In addition, the orientation in space is lost, memory and speech are broken. It becomes difficult to absorb any information, as everything around distracts from this. As a result, intellectual activity becomes unproductive. In some cases, one can observe weakness, high fatigue, lethargy, severe irritability. An outbreak of anger can cause a variety of sounds and smells, words and actions of surrounding people, their own behavior. Self-esteem sharply decreases, self-doubt arises, the patient perceives himself as a loser, he is in a state of constant anxiety. The mood is always reduced, nothing in life brings joy. The patient becomes too impatient, can not bear the expectation, even the shortest.

Smoking, drugs and alcohol will not help cope with nervous exhaustion, as some patients think, looking for salvation from the disease in them. All this only worsens the condition of a person, driving him into an even deeper depression and dependence.

Treatment of nervous exhaustion

Some people may think that this is not a serious disease and should not be given special significance to it. In fact, this is not so. Exhaustion of the nervous system can deal a serious blow to the body. Individual patients are treated in a hospital if the case is severe. Patients take nootropic and vasodilating drugs, antidepressants and vitamins, as well as medicines that repair damaged brain cells. Some of these drugs have serious side effects, so appoint them to choose the appropriate dosage should be exclusively treating doctor.

In addition to taking medications, the patient must live in a certain mode, alternating work and rest. A healthy lifestyle, walking outdoors, proper nutrition and a full sleep - these factors will help to successfully cope with the disease.

To normalize sleep, medications should not be used. They can be successfully replaced by meditation and relaxation. Taking a warm bath will also help to overcome insomnia. You can resort to hypnosis, listen to soothing music with the sounds of nature. In bed, you need to lie down only to fall asleep, and not to watch TV in it, read a book or work. Only need to lie down when there is a strong desire. Do not force yourself to fall asleep. It is better at this time to drink herbal tea or read.

It is necessary to diversify your holiday as much as possible and eat regularly without missing meals.

Hypodinamy, lack of physical activity, sedentary work - all this also contributes to the development of nervous exhaustion. To prevent it, you should regularly do gymnastics, visit the pool, make long walks or bike trips.


Folk remedies for nervous exhaustion

There are many recipes of folk medicine that will help cope with the exhaustion of the nervous system and restore mental balance. This will help medicinal herbs.

  • Astragalus. Grind two tablespoons of astragalus fluffy, add 250 milliliters of hot boiled water. Leave for two hours. Then, drink about 50 milliliters before meals four times a day. It normalizes the heart rhythm and leads the nerves to a calm state.

  • Initial letter of medicinal will help get rid of headache, weakness and exhaustion of the nervous system. To prepare a medicinal infusion, it is required to take leaves and roots of grass, to crush and one large spoon of the mixture to combine with 500 milliliters of boiling water. Leave for a couple of hours. Filter. To improve the taste of the remedy, it is recommended to add a little honey. Drink 100 milliliters in a warm form. During the day, you need to drink the drug up to four times.

  • Valerian officinalis has excellent soothing properties. Tinctures on the basis of alcohol and infusions relax, normalize sleep and fight with the exhaustion of the nervous system. Spirituous tincture of this medicinal herb is sold in pharmacies. Before taking 30 milliliters of tincture, dilute in 30 milliliters of warm milk. To prepare an infusion of Valerian officinalis, you will need three teaspoons of crushed roots of this herb. They are poured with warm water in the amount of 200 milliliters, and withstand six hours. The drug is drunk on one large spoon four times during the day.

  • Infusion sporicha they cook like this: a large spoonful of grass is poured into half a liter of boiling water. Accept warm. You can add honey. The recommended dose is half a glass, four meals a day.

  • Angelica officinalis strengthens the weak nervous system and tones up the body, relieves insomnia, hysteria and nervous overexertion. This effective tool is prepared as follows: roots are grinded, a large spoonful of raw material and half a liter of hot water are taken. It lasts two hours. In the infusion is added honey in the amount of two small spoons per 100 milliliters of the drug. Four times a day take medicine.

  • Voroniy four-leaved eye. will help cure dizziness, headaches, nervous system exhaustion and depression. Roots and leaves insist on 40-degree alcohol. It turns out 10% tincture. Use the remedy as follows: from five to ten drops of tincture dilute in 50 milliliters of warm water, eat before eating.

  • [b] Grass hare of intoxicating has strong healing properties. A large spoonful of flowering herbs brew in 250 milliliters of boiling water and stand for one hour. Drink a large spoonful of funds up to six times. Alcoholic 20% tincture in the amount of ten drops diluted in warm water. To drink before meals are also six meals a day.

  • Hare cabbage or grated grass suitable for the manufacture of infusion, which will strengthen the nerves and tones the body. To prepare a remedy, it is necessary to insist in a 200 milliliters of boiling water a large spoon of crushed grass. Leave for four hours. Reception is carried out three times a day for three large spoons.

  • Iodine help calm down, get rid of tension and irritability. Two drops of 5% of the product should be combined with warm milk and consumed in the morning before the first meal, due to the fact that such a mixture will have a sedative effect on the body.

  • Natural honey is recommended for use in nervous exhaustion, insomnia, lack of vitality and low working capacity. Forty gram of honey, diluted in water, milk or tea from herbs, should be taken daily for a month. After that, a person feels a surge of energy, vitality, and becomes healthier.

  • Dry heather grass - a popular means of alternative medicine from exhaustion. Boil two tablespoons of the crushed grass in a liter of water for 10 minutes. Decoction to remove from heat, wrap in a warm blanket and leave for the night. In the morning, filter through gauze and drink for a day.

  • Flowers of lime (tincture based on alcohol) is recommended for use by many herbalists. It will help cure the depletion of the nervous system. In a suitable container, the volume of which is one liter, fill the lime flowers and pour the vodka to the top. Close tightly with lid and let stand for 30 days. After this, take one teaspoon of tincture, washing it with water, three times a day.