Treatment of meteorological dependence. Get rid of the weather and learn the reasons for its appearance

Currently, a very large number of people complain of poor health, which is caused by meteorological dependence. But in most cases this is not meteorological dependence, but a meteoneurosis, which is treated by psychotherapists. The number of real meteozavisimyh people is about 35% of the country's population. In today's publication, we'll talk about meteozavisimyh people, as well as consider the causes of meteorological dependence and the methods. treatment of meteorological dependence this ailment.

Meteozavisimye people

The weather change negatively affects the health of meteodependent people. And this happens a few days before the change in atmospheric pressure, temperature and magnetic storm. The poor state of health of such people is expressed in headache, aches in joints, changes in blood pressure, aching pain in the heart and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

According to candidate of medical sciences Asya Uyanaeva, people with cardiac diseases are among the first to react to weather changes. This is confirmed by appeals in various regions of Russia to people for emergency medical care.

On days when there is a sharp jump in atmospheric pressure, humidity, air temperature, changes in wind speed and geomagnetic disturbances, the number of calls to people suffering from hypertension and coronary heart disease increases dramatically. The state of health of patients suffering from atherosclerosis, as well as having suffered a heart attack or stroke, deteriorates sharply.

Even the slightest changes in the weather cause discomfort in patients with diseases of the central nervous system, lungs, musculoskeletal system, as well as with articular rheumatism.

The high humidity of air also leaves its imprint on the well-being of people. At the same time, broncho-pulmonary and inflammatory diseases become worse. Wet and hot weather causes such a phenomenon as hypoxia, in which there is a deficit of oxygen in the air, which is also harmful for lungers.

Causes of meteorological dependence and ways of treatment

The magnetic situation, or rather, its change, slows the movement of blood through the capillaries. According to experts, if the pressure in the vessels suddenly drops, the reflex is activated, which protects the body from stopping blood circulation. This significantly affects the health of people, but it saves the body from death.

Prevention and treatment of meteorological dependence should be as follows:

- Treatment of the underlying disease;

- Prophylaxis of complications several days before the weather change.

To do this, it is necessary to carry out measures to strengthen immunity, so that the body is ready for external factors, as well as to follow the weather forecasts.

But most importantly, try to sleep well on the eve of weather changes.

Also, in these conditions, a small morning gymnastics (not more than 15 minutes) will be useful, large physical loads during this period should be excluded. After gymnastics, take a conifer bath or a contrast shower.

Try not to overwork during the day. After dinner, a good night's sleep, at least 30-40 minutes, and at least 1 hour for a walk, preferably somewhere in the park area.

On "hard" days, doctors recommend taking fresh fruit and vegetable juices, boiled water with lemon juice or salted mineral water before eating. In the diet should be potatoes in uniform, beets, fish dishes, sea kale, lentils, beans, cranberries, baked apples.

In such days, the heart, except for strict adherence to the recommendations of a doctor, you can take a heart-health and preventive drink. During the day, drink 3-4 glasses, as a result of which the work of the heart muscle improves and discomfort disappears.

Also, to improve well-being, you can hold in your mouth a piece of propolis (the size of a pea), but only if you do not suffer from allergies to beekeeping products.