Cerebrovascular disease: treatment, symptoms, causes

Cerebrovascular disease is a disease caused by often suffered strokes and ischemic diseases, one of the most urgent problems of neurology in our time, given the high prevalence of this pathology in society and the rapid aging of the population.

In modern conditions, this ailment will embrace a large number of people, the causes of which are deteriorated ecology, malnutrition and, often, a sedentary lifestyle.

The most frequent cause of all the ailments of relatively poor and disturbed cerebral circulation, stroke is cerebral arteriosclerosis, impaired regulation of blood clotting, heart defects.

Causes of cerebrovascular disease

Most often these diseases:

  • arise from atheroma or hypertension,

  • due to rupture of the affected blood vessels or insufficient blood supply to the brain (so-called ischemia), which is associated with cerebral embolism or thrombosis.

  • A sudden attack of cerebrovascular disease can result in a stroke or stroke. The same cause can be thrombosis of the carotid and vertebral arteries, their spasm. And can not do without the psychoemotional overstrain associated with angioedurotic disorders.

    Symptoms of cerebrovascular disease

  • Impaired memory and thinking

  • Loss of logic

  • Decreased mental performance

  • Violation of coordination

  • Lack of attention

  • Developmental /learning disability

  • Sleep disorder

  • Depression

  • Asthenia

  • Vertigo

  • Feeling of heat

  • Dry mouth

  • Heart palpitations

  • Treatment and prevention of cerebrovascular disease

    Any measures of treatment of cerebrovascular disease give a positive result. The first step, accordingly, can not do without medicinal preparations - antihypertensive and antiarrhythmic drugs for the treatment of systemic atherosclerosis, antithrombotic therapy.

    To completely eliminate and prevent ischemia, it must be mandatory to take prescribed medications. As drugs that increase cerebral circulation, use so-called calcium channel blockers, drugs that block the activity of certain brain enzymes, multivitamin preparations and antioxidants.

    Medicinal preparations for the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases:

  • Omaron

  • Galidor

  • Amylonosar

  • Angio-inel

  • Perineva

  • Vinpocetine-darnitsa

  • Cholitilin

  • Donepisil

  • Pyracetam

  • Just do not do without a sufficient mental load, training memory and logical thinking.

    For the prevention of cerebrovascular disease should not only adhere to the above-mentioned appointments, but also adjust its regime. First of all - to abandon such harmful habits as smoking and drinking alcohol, and change your diet - from fast food and fatty foods to a lighter and more useful, full of antioxidants and vitamins.