Anxiety, depression and irritability. How to get rid of

Feeling of anxiety or irritability It is familiar to everyone, and depressed at least once in a lifetime, but experienced by any inhabitant of our planet. Why does depression happen, where do anxiety and irritability come from, and most importantly, how to get rid of it?

How to get rid of anxiety?

Feeling of anxiety is quite capable of depriving a person of sleep and appetite, making him vulnerable and helpless before stress and illness. How can you get rid of it?

  • Anxiety deprives thinking of clarity and sobriety. It is necessary to write down everything that bothers you. This seemingly very simple method helps to assess the real scale of the factor causing the alarm and direct its energy to the action, rather than an endless experience of an anxious feeling.

  • Very often the feeling of anxiety is connected with the absence in the present. Tomorrow's day frightens, the past - presses a load of insults, worries and fears, how can there be no alarm? It is necessary to try to be present in the present moment as much as possible, to live the affairs of today, without thinking about the future and not remembering the past.

  • It is necessary to find a pleasant and useful lesson - an exercise for the soul: it can be sport, knitting, traveling or yoga - it does not matter. It should concentrate and simply enjoy the process itself.

  • You need to learn to think positively. Less negative thoughts, depressive music, horror films. If the news is knocked out of normal state of health, you do not need to watch them.

  • Anxiety can be a symptom of a serious malfunction in the nervous system. If it is accompanied by bouts of inexplicable fear, chest pain, difficulty breathing, dizziness, falling or rising pressure - you need to see a doctor!

  • How to get rid of irritability?

  • Write down everything that is annoying and analyze. Decide with your irritants and learn to understand yourself.

  • Try to control your reactions and cope with a bout of irritation. Count to ten before you start talking, and if you feel that you are getting irritated - inhale and exhale, drink a glass of water.

  • Get enough sleep. Constant lack of sleep is a common cause of irritability. Even during a very active rhythm, it is necessary to allocate more time for sleep.

  • Have a rest. Sometimes irritability is a sign of fatigue. Determine what kind of vacation you need - all weekends lie in bed or go to the mountains. Rest your soul and body.

  • Learn to calmly recite the factors that cause irritation. Do not force the irritation inside, but do not tear it to others. If irritating colleagues jokes or neighbors' noise, just tell them about it.

  • How to get rid of depression?

    Depression - a rather complicated condition, get rid of a severe or chronic form of depression without the help of a specialist is impossible. But an easy depressive state can be tried to curb yourself.

  • Do not become self-absorbed, do not succumb to apathy and spleen. Lonely evenings will not work, but positive communication with friends and family can help. Do not hold your peace, tell us how hard it is for loved ones now, ask them to just stay close.

  • Very often, with mild forms of depression, trips to the orphanage help the elderly neighbor, care for homeless animals. It is possible to help others, greatly facilitates the state.

  • Stop criticizing yourself, notice your positive aspects, forgive mistakes and mistakes. Stand in front of a mirror and speak out your positive external and internal features aloud.

  • Travel, new dishes, new acquaintances, vivid impressions - this is help. Do not close from the world, do not stop enjoying life.

  • If the depression is caused by severe events - death of loved ones, auto or air crash experienced by violence, lasts for a long time, with thoughts of suicide - you need qualified medical help from a psychiatrist!