Broccoli - health benefits

Annual vegetable, belonging to the cabbage family, and is a subspecies of cauliflower - Broccoli occurs in two forms. Most of us are accustomed to broccoli in the form of a head, with a stalk shaped like an umbrella, but there is also the so-called Italian (asparagus) broccoli, which has many small inflorescences on thin stems. It is widely known that cabbage broccoli for health and weight loss is the first assistant and an indispensable product for those who care about their physical perfection. Broccoli cabbage is one of the most useful vegetables in the world, it is indispensable for maintaining health, and is used by people to lose weight, it is rich in minerals and vitamins, many useful and tasty dishes are prepared from this vegetable.

Broccoli can be stewed and fried, boiled and cooked with stews and soups, but this cabbage is most useful in raw form or as the main ingredient for fresh salads. There are a huge number of recipes for preparing various dishes, in which broccoli is the main ingredient, these dishes are not only very useful for health, but are also recommended for those who are engaged in the problem of losing weight, preserving the figure. Broccoli contains a lot of different vitamins, especially this vitamin is rich in vitamin C, folic acid, beta-carotene, potassium, fiber, many substances in excess contained in broccoli, prevent the risk of various diseases, in particular, cardiovascular ailments, oncological diseases.

  • Broccoli and oncological diseases. Ordinary cabbage, and in particular broccoli, has long established itself as an irreconcilable enemy of cancerous tumors. These vegetables contain compounds that help not only prevent the occurrence of cancer, but even in many cases it helps to get rid of this terrible disease, such conclusions were reached by scientists and oncologists at US universities. Doctors strongly recommend to enrich their diet with white cabbage and broccoli, as daily eating a portion of broccoli can be constantly maintained in the body a high concentration of sulforaphane - an active compound that reduces the risk of cancer. Broccoli also contains many other substances that have been officially recognized as anti-cancer, but in order to preserve them, it is recommended to consume cabbage in raw form or to subject it to minimal heat treatment (cook for no longer than 5 minutes, fry quickly, with constant stirring).

  • [b][/b]Broccoli and diabetes. The queen of vegetables - broccoli cabbage, is literally full of useful minerals and vitamins, providing our body with a lot of nutrients, which makes broccoli the most useful product on our table. Specialists identified the 10 most useful products for humans and broccoli is a full member of this magnificent scores. Many scientists believe that broccoli, contributing to the reduction of cholesterol in the blood, significantly reduces the risk of developing diabetes in adults. A huge number of biologically active compounds in this vegetable, counteract the development of the disease, eliminate free radicals, contributing to numerous ailments and premature aging.

  • Broccoli and heart disease. When there is a lack of oxygen in the human body, various negative processes can be triggered, in particular, damage to the myocardium and deterioration of the cardiac muscle can be caused. In order to prevent such a development of events, experts recommend to regularly eat a steamed broccoli. Experiments conducted in American universities on laboratory rats have proved that this cabbage can prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases. The heart of a person whose body regularly receives a portion of broccoli becomes significantly more resistant to hypoxia, which can lead to a heart attack. This protective effect, according to scientists, is due to the fact that certain substances contained in broccoli, stimulate the formation of an important protein thioredoxin, which protects cells in violation of blood supply to the heart.

  • Broccoli for weight loss. Certainly, useful micronutrients and vitamins, in excess contained in broccoli, are extremely useful for our body, however, one more moment makes this cabbage truly an invaluable product for human health. It's all about the ability of cabbage to reduce a person's weight, to help lose weight, since the calorie content of this vegetable is extremely low: only 30 Kcal per 100 g of product. Often it can be heard that broccoli is called a vegetable with a negative calorie content, since for its assimilation the body needs more energy than it receives from the product itself. Moreover, it perfectly quenches hunger, dulls appetite, and thanks to various medicinal properties it allows you to lose weight with health benefits.

  • In addition to the negative calorie, there is an opinion that broccoli helps to accelerate metabolism, and this contributes to the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract. A number of components contained in broccoli, has a positive effect on carbohydrate and fat metabolism, increasing the speed of these processes. Thanks to vitamins of group B, combined with chlorophyll, the body during its work burns calories more actively, and dietary fibers stabilize and accelerate digestion and remove harmful substances from the intestine. With the help of broccoli cabbage, you can increase the amount of food you eat when you follow a diet, while not increasing the calorie content of foods. This vegetable helps to go to a healthy diet without pain, leaving the dishes not only extremely useful, but also quite hearty.