Sage - medicinal properties

Herbs are the basis of medicinal raw materials, which form the basis of many medicines of natural origin. A very long time known herb salvia, described by healers of various countries. The useful properties of this medicinal plant were noted by Hippocrates, calling it sacred grass. Sage - in Latin salvia (in the language of other peoples the name sounds like salvia) and means "to be healthy". Grass has found a very wide application both in folk and in orthodox medicine.

Where and in what form is sage used?

On the basis of sage grass, oils, tinctures, decoctions, extracts, tablets, etc. are prepared. The herb is considered medicinal, which means that it is impossible to drink tea from the chelate uncontrolled.

Sage with infertility

Infertility A scourge of many young modern families. It often happens that there are no visible pathologies in the couple, and there is no pregnancy. Traditional medicine in such cases recommends taking sage. Ancient Egyptian priests distributed sage to women so that they could give birth, thus increasing the number of future warriors. To prepare the broth you need to take a teaspoon of chopped herb sage and pour boiling water 200 ml. The infusion is cooked for 20 minutes, after which it is filtered. Take infusion is necessary to eat for half an hour on one third of a glass. Thus, one glass of vodka is enough for one day of treatment. The first day of admission should be on the last menstrual day. You need to drink 11 consecutive days, then break until the next menstruation. And so - three months. After a two-month break, you can continue therapy. During treatment, you can try to conceive a child.

Sage for interrupting the milk production process

Gradually reducing the number of feedings, you can reduce and completely stop lactation, when necessary. But there are cases when the cessation of lactation is required immediately for various reasons. Some resort to heavy medications that act overwhelmingly on the hormone prolactin. But those who do not want to spoil their stomach and intestines with chemical preparations, can use the recipes based on sage. In a sage there is an estrogen, and it is a lot of. It is he who suppresses the production of milk by the mammary glands, while also having a positive effect on the mood and overall well-being of the woman. Brew and drink sage can be as follows: a teaspoon of grass is poured with boiling water, infused, then the infusion is filtered and taken before meals four times a day for? glass.

To stop lactation, sage oil is also used. It differs favorably from infusions in that you do not need to consume a lot of liquid, which means that the milk will quickly leave without any complications.

Sage with climacteric

Climax denotes his appearance by the appearance of unpleasant discomfort sensations - so-called. tides. During hot flashes the woman feels a strong fever in the whole body, there is an incomprehensible anxiety, nervousness, irritability, libido decreases, headaches appear. Sage here will help a woman. To normalize her sexual sphere, a woman can take a sage broth: two tablespoons of dry sage pour two cups of boiling water, insist 8 hours. All the infusion to distribute and drink for a day. Two weeks in this way take sage, then take a break also for two weeks and again continue the treatment.

Sage for hair

Salvia is also used for cosmetic purposes, in particular - to give the hair a healthy shine, volume and rid of dandruff. For the hair is preparing the infusion: two tablespoons of herbs to put in a glass of boiling water, to insist 10 minutes, then add to the strained infusion one liter of boiled water. With this water with sage infusion, rinse after washing hair, rubbing into the roots.


Due to the presence of estrogen in the sage, sage is contraindicated in pregnant women. Also, it is not used by people with hypothyroidism, with renal diseases in acute form, with severe cough, under reduced pressure.