Thymus from cough folk recipes

The pantry of grandmother's recipes is full of all kinds of advice, tools and methods. One of the places of honor in it are recipes using thyme. Many plants are considered a panacea for a variety of diseases, including grass and thyme. Recipes with thyme are used in very many diseases, including colds, viral infections accompanied by coughing.

A few words need to be said about the plant itself and its composition. This perennial plant - a shrub of small sizes, blooming in small pink flowers. Its composition includes various useful substances such as organic acids, gum, carotene, flavonoids, resins, tannins, vitamins C and B, resins. Such a rich composition of the plant makes it possible to widely use it for various therapeutic purposes. The ground part of the bush is suitable for treatment. Collect the thyme during flowering - in July-August.

Thyme is not only a strong antiseptic. Other properties are inherent in it: anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, bronchodilator, anthelmintic, hypnotic, antitussive. It is the last property that makes thyme a popular plant in the complex treatment of colds accompanied by cough.

To get rid of cough, you can use both a single thyme, and a complex of herbs, which include thyme.

1. A tablespoon of dry herb thyme should be poured a glass of water, then bring to a boil and remove from the plate. Infuse thyme in a closed dark pottery 1 hour. Next, drain and squeeze the infusion. Take thyme 1 tablespoon before meals three times a day.

2. Grass thyme, mint leaves, fennel fruits - 1 part, leaves of mother-and-stepmother - 4 parts, licorice root, plantain - 2 parts. All plants mix. Take 25 g (four tablespoons) of herbal mixture and pour 1 liter of boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes. Then insist up to 6 hours. Strain and wring out. Before each meal take half the glass several times a day.