Herbal baths from back pain

The use of medicinal herbs has very diverse forms. One of them is herbal baths. Herbal bath, fragrant, pleasant, easy to prepare, positively influences the general well-being of a person - calms the nerves, makes sleep, sets in order the metabolism. But most importantly - herbal baths can relieve tension and pain - for example, in the back.

Rules for taking herbal baths

  • Treatment with herbal baths is recommended for osteochondrosis - back pain more often appears as a consequence of osteochondrosis. There are general principles for making herbal baths.

  • Take a bath for 15-30 minutes until complete relaxation.

  • The temperature of the water in the tub is about 38 degrees.

  • The number of baths per week is from two to four for treatment and one for prevention.

  • To make a herbal bath take 4 cups of water, bring to a boil, add one glass of herbs to the water, insist under the lid for 10 minutes. Filter and add to the bath with hot water. If oak roots are brewed, then a kilogram of corn is taken and cooked in five liters of water for half an hour.

  • After the bath you need a 15-minute rest in a quiet place, preferably in the dark and under pleasant music (the latter is not necessary, of course, but enhances the effect of relaxing the muscles and removing the pain syndrome).

  • It is best to take a bath at night. To keep the heat, you must immediately wrap yourself in a blanket or take cover with a blanket.

  • Recipes of herbal baths

  • Bath with lime color and rosemary. Two-thirds of a glass of linden flowers and one-third of leaves of rosemary are required for brewing. Relieves stress, softens the skin, eliminates the symptoms of colds.

  • Bath with Epsom salt. The Epsom salt is a magnesium hydroxide sulfate, one of the forms of magnesium. Perfectly softens the pain. A single glass of salt is required for the bath.

  • Roots of ayr marsh 250 g, cold water 1 liter - bring to a boil, then strain and immediately pour into the bath.

  • For herbal baths, grasses and chamomile flowers, spores, sage, cereal flowers, horse chestnut fruit, oak and fir bark are also suitable.

  • Coniferous concentrate with salt - an excellent tool, soothing the nervous system, tonic, giving vivacity, relieving fatigue and pain. Take 150 g of needles or coniferous concentrate (extract) and 2 kg of salt, cooked or sea.

  • For the treatment of osteochondrosis, a complex herbal mixture is suitable: oregano, elderberry, nettle, wheat grass, tansy, juniper, burdock, thyme, pine buds, currant leaves, violet, horsetail, hops. All herbs should be in equal parts.

  • Very well helps to remove the pain of the bath with the decoction of Jerusalem artichoke - earthen pear. It will take one kilogram - five liters of water.