Sophora Japanese - the use of

Medicinal plant Japanese Sophora requires careful and careful application in the treatment, since non-compliance with the dosage in the preparation of medicinal products from this plant can be dangerous - the plant is poisonous. Especially dangerous is an overdose. The optimal dosage should be set by the doctor.

Features of receiving Sophora Japanese

  • With hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, infusion of sophora or tincture is taken. The application should be conducted in a month and a half, then break one month and again - a course of one and a half months.

  • With obesity, impotence, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, for the normalization of metabolism, Japanese Sophora is taken in the form of preparations also in two courses in a month and a half with a break in one month

  • For prevention and after a heart attack and a stroke, the synphore can be taken four times a year for one month.

  • Gynecological diseases, menopause. Means from Sophora are accepted by two courses for three weeks with a break of 10 days.

  • With oncology, it is recommended to apply syncope simultaneously with the products of mistletoe white two courses for three weeks with a 10-day break.

  • Diseases of joints and skin Sophora must be consumed for one month at the same time as external application in the form of compresses with sophora.

  • Tincture of Japanese Sophora

    Japanese Sophora is most effectively used in the form of tincture, as the plant includes rutin, which is poorly soluble in water. Tincture of Japanese Sophora is applied inside with liver diseases, gastritis, stomach ulcer, pleurisy, angina pectoris, dysentery, insomnia, internal bleeding.

    Preparation of tincture. One tablespoon of dry shredded Sophora flowers is poured into 100 ml of vodka and infused for ten days in a dark place. The tincture is further filtered and taken three times a day for 30-35 drops after a meal in the course of one month. Also tincture of Japanese Sophora can be purchased at the pharmacy and taken strictly following the attached instructions.

    Infusion of Sophora Japanese

    infusion of this plant is used to treat ulcers, wounds, eczema, and other skin lesions. For the present, fruits of Japanese Sophora are used: 15 g of dried fruit should be poured in 300 ml of water and insist one hour. Infusion to apply in the form of bandages, washing and irrigation.

    Decoction of Japanese Sophora

    Decoction is taken as tea as a restorative and revitalizing agent, as well as for normalizing blood pressure, stopping bleeding, purifying blood and relieving inflammation. In equal proportions, you need to take and mix the fruits and flowers of Sophora. Two tablespoons of the mixture pour half a liter of boiling water and boil for five minutes, then insist for an hour and strain. Eat like tea throughout the day. Such a decoction can be rubbed into the roots of the hair to strengthen them.

    Ointment Sophora Japanese

    it is better to use a pharmacy ointment, prepared with observance of all proportions. Ointment is used to treat skin diseases, as well as atherosclerosis of the legs and to restore the function of the thyroid gland. To rub the ointment should be two to three to four times a day in the right parts of the body for a month every day.