Wild strawberry forest - cooking recipes and medicinal properties

Wild strawberry forest (Frag? Ria v? Sca), it is also Strawberry ordinary, belongs to the family of the Pink. Sometimes there are names of Alpine strawberries, Wild strawberries and European strawberries.

In our regions (in Eurasia), it is ubiquitous in the forest-steppe and forest zones. In addition, strawberries were naturalized in North Africa and both Americas.

Wild strawberry grows in light forests, on fringes, forest felling and among shrubs.

This herbaceous perennial plant has a creeping thick rhizome, which is covered with brown stipules and long filiform shoots, "whiskers", rooted in the nodes, from which rosettes of long-leafed leaves and flower stems develop.

The healing properties of strawberry forest

Everyone knows this wonderful and valuable plant. In folk medicine, it is widely used when:

  • anemia and anemia,

  • as a diuretic and sweating remedy,

  • diseases of the liver and kidneys,

  • insomnia,

  • pulmonary tuberculosis,

  • hypertension.

  • The healing properties of strawberries improve metabolism and heart function.

    Therapeutic is the whole plant, including grass, berries and roots. Strawberries are a rather effective additional remedy, which is included in many herb collections.

    Leaves for strawberry tea are harvested in early spring, even before the beginning of flowering, and the roots are harvested in late autumn, or early spring, during the rest period. Berries and plants in the complex (whole stems, leaves and berries) - are stocked in the summer. Dry the raw material with a thin layer under the canopy. The grass is stored no more than a year, and the roots and berries can be stored for up to two years.

    Wild strawberry forest is an effective cleanser in the case of slagging the body with nitrates, it is able to purify the blood and saturate it with iron. Raw materials can be applied both in dry form and in raw.

    The recipe for making medicine from strawberry

    To make strawberry tea grass strawberries are ground, take a teaspoon of raw materials and brew a glass of boiling water. After insisting, tea leaves are drunk instead of regular tea in the morning.

    The recipe for the strawberry broth: a full tablespoon of chopped leaves is poured into a glass of water, a quarter of an hour is boiled. The resulting broth should be drunk throughout the day.

    The broth from strawberry roots shows more powerful medical properties.

    The recipe for this is: grind dry roots, take a teaspoon of raw material and make a glass of boiling water and insist for half an hour. The agent is used for rheumatism, it shows a weak diuretic and a number of other properties.

    Fruits of strawberries like to use in their preparations homeopaths.

    With skin rashes apply decoction of roots and leaves, it is also good for inflammation of bronchial tracts as an emollient. This healing drink is also used for gout, stones and sand in the kidneys, bladder, gall bladder and biliary tract.

    Outer such a decoction is effectively used for compresses with bleeding and waxing wounds, they rinse their mouth to eliminate the unpleasant odor.

    Berries of strawberries it is preferable to use fresh. They are tasty, nutritious, and at the same time have a restorative and curative effect, especially for children. Berries perfectly coexist in dishes with cream, or milk, and to improve the taste, you can add a little sugar.

    However, in some people strawberries can cause an allergic reaction.

    Eczema treated crushed fresh berries, which are laid on a linen cloth and applied to problem areas. This procedure should be repeated every day for a week, then the skin will be cleaned of scabs and a little dried. Folk healers claim that strawberry lotions draw fever.

    Many reasonably consider forest strawberries as a universal remedy for all diseases.

    Application of the plant in cosmetology

    In cosmetics make nutritious masks from strawberry berries, and strawberry juice is used to destroy freckles and lichen. When drying strawberry berries should first podvyalit them in the sun, and then dry in the oven without exceeding the temperature of 50 0 S. Berries are considered ready if they stop sticking to their hands.

    Infusion of strawberry roots is used in case of heavy menstruation, uterine bleeding, whites and uterine fibroids, and decoction of leaves with neuroses is an excellent soothing agent.

    Pregnant and children should still eat strawber with caution.