Yarrow medicinal - use in treatment and medicinal properties

Yarrow common (medicinal, Achillea millefolium) refers to the numerous family of astroids (Compositae); there are about a hundred kinds of yarrow, however, the healing properties are manifested in each species in varying degrees. Among the ordinary, musk-tovlogovogo, felt, noble and other many species of plants for therapeutic purposes, the most effective application of yarrow medicinal. To a lesser extent, the medicinal properties are manifested in the yarrow of the noble, and the remaining species are of markedly lower medicinal value. Numerous folk synonyms yarrow medicinal are, for example, tenacious grass, a herb, gulyavitsa, trees, akhaley, soldier grass, cut grass, greens, zvichayny village, sickle and many more.

By the way, one of these names - akhalei - is directly related to the ancient Greek legend, where this plant is called Achillea, in memory of Achilles, who used it to heal wounds.

Perennial herb Yarrow has a ribbed, straight, sparse, unbranched stem. The leaves are arranged alternately, they consist of pointed leaves and short petioles.

The top of the stem is crowned with a corymbose dense inflorescence, consisting of small flower baskets, which attract a specific, very sharp aroma.

Yarrow is completely unpretentious, so it can be found in logging areas and in mixed forests, in clearings, in meadows and in various places.

For therapeutic purposes, the tops of flowering plants are most attractive, selected with a stem no longer than fifteen centimeters and flowers that should be cut off, having receded two centimeters from the top. Raw materials should be dried in the shade, and stored for no more than two years.

Therapeutic properties of yarrow medicinal

Yarrow is famous in folk and official medicine as a hemostatic agent used in case of external and internal bleeding, gastrointestinal diseases, as well as inflammatory phenomena in the uterus. Apply drugs yarrow and as a diaphoretic, anticonvulsant, appetizing, remedy, which also eliminates metabolic disorders.

Leaves and floral baskets of yarrow are rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, essential oil, tannins, carotene and phytoncides.

Thanks to such a rich selection of medicinal properties yarrow medicinal has gained notable popularity in folk and traditional medicine, where it is used to treat many diseases.

Yarrow is effectively used for treatment:

  • ulcers and catarrh of the stomach,

  • pulmonary tuberculosis,

  • malaria,

  • kidney stone disease,

  • female diseases,

  • colds,

  • hemorrhoids,

  • diarrhea,

  • night incontinence,

  • liver diseases,

  • anemia and headaches,

  • of nervous diseases,

  • hypertension.

  • Medicines from yarrow can be presented in the form of broths, infusions, juice.

    Yarrow as hemostatic

    The use of yarrow juice as a hemostatic drug is not limited to external wounds, it is effective for internal bleeding, such as uterine, nasal, gastrointestinal, pulmonary, in addition to its effectiveness is tested and in the treatment of anemia. In addition yarrow juice, this is a wonderful lactogen, it prevents the formation of stones in the kidneys and liver and has many other medical applications.

    The recipe for the preparation of yarrow medicinal

    It is harvested near the end of summer from the grass during the flowering period. Apply the medication inside from a teaspoon to a third of the glass, three times a day before eating.

    Fresh juice with honey adds three teaspoons a day to improve appetite and metabolism, and in addition, with liver diseases.

    The recipe for the preparation of yarrow for internal use: take two teaspoons of pre-ground grass and brew with a glass of boiling water, insist hour and use throughout the day for several times. It is very useful for tea with uterine bleeding, but its effectiveness is also confirmed in other diseases mentioned above.

    The recipe for the preparation of yarrow broth: a teaspoon of dried herbs are brewed with a glass of boiling water, continue to boil extra for another ten minutes on low heat, insist and filter for twenty minutes. Use half the glass three times a day with stomach ulcer, chronic gastritis and similar diseases.

    Application of yarrow medicinal for the treatment of

    With cardiac arrhythmias, it is enough to take up to thirty drops of yarrow juice, mixing them previously in equal proportions with mint juice and grape wine.

    Treatment of inflammation of the urinary bladder requires the use of a decoction from the collection of yarrow, root of ayr, birch buds and bearberry leaves (2: 1: 1: 2). After mixing the raw material, take two tablespoons and brew half a liter of boiling water, then continue to simmer for another five minutes, then insist and filter. Use half a glass three times a day.

    In diseases of the upper respiratory tract You should drink yarrow juice, in combination with warm boiled cream or sunflower oil in a ratio of 1: 1.

    Severe pain and stomach cramps require the use of a collection of yarrow and chamomile flowers (1: 1). Mixing the ingredients, take two tablespoons and pour a glass of boiling water. After twenty minutes, the filter is filtered and consumed half a cup to four times a day.

    Beneficial effect on the pancreas can be treated with a real herb yarrow and burdock (1: 3). It should be selected a tablespoon of chopped herbs brew a glass of boiling water, insist half an hour and then remove from the sediment. For a day in three receptions, half an hour before a meal, one glass of the drug should be drained.

    If the effect does not manifest itself in an obvious form, improvements can be made, for which it is necessary to take the infusion of the milled finely divided water-melon fruit.

    And with cholecystitis therapeutic effect is provided by tea from the herb of St. John's wort and yarrow (equally). Get rid of the pain in your stomach you can chew and swallow some green leaves yarrow.

    Increase the amount of milk in nursing women you can use the inside of infusion, juice, or a decoction of yarrow and walnut kernels. You can take just a teaspoon juice 3 times a day, also with a milky effect.

    Ointment from the plant

    From the yarrow, they prepare an ointment, for which they take a handful of fresh flowers and leaves, grind and grind them in a mortar and mix them evenly with melted but unsalted lard. This ointment is good in fresh form. In the absence of fresh grass, there is no one, mix one share of yarrow tincture with four lobes of vaseline. This drug gives good therapeutic results with bruises. Apply to the bruised areas should be a thin layer.

    With baldness, hurry to use externally the yarrow broth, which should be rubbed into the scalp every day to stimulate hair growth.

    Long-term use of yarrow and its overdose, fraught with poisoning, which manifests itself in dizziness and skin rash. With a tendency to thrombosis, increased clotting of blood and also to pregnant women (juice), yarrow preparations are not prescribed.