Chamomile pharmacy: application of flowers of chamomile pharmacy

Chamomile pharmacy has folk synonyms - morgan or uterine grass, it is a well-known herbaceous plant with a branched stem up to twenty centimeters long, a family of Compositae. Drugstore daisy grows almost everywhere, but near the roads it is not recommended to collect it.

Of all parts of the plant, only the blossoming inflorescences are harvested, and the stem of the basket and leaves are not used in medicine and cosmetology. Collection of inflorescences occurs in June and July, they are completely open during this period. Drying of raw materials is carried out at a temperature of 45 0 C, while it must be protected from direct sunlight. However, there is an abundance of both raw materials and chamomile preparations in literally all pharmacies.

Application of flowers of chamomile pharmacy useful both in cosmetology and in medicine. This is a widespread remedy, but it also has contraindications, so consultation with a doctor about its use will not be superfluous. Chamomile pharmacy affects the body quite powerfully, therefore, when applying it, it is important to strictly observe the dose. With too long a drug chamomile, or with a noticeable excess of the dose, a person can be affected by headaches, uncaused irritability, depression of the central nervous system and general weakness of the body.

With a tendency to diarrhea and an anatomic gastritis, chamomile can not be used in any form.

Application of chamomile flowers for coughing

Often flowers of chamomile pharmacy give babies with intestinal colic and bloating, but in this case, you can expect and negative consequences, so read the treatment in this case should be from very small doses - from a teaspoon, for example, and then increase the amount of broth should be gradually, watching for possible allergic reactions.

Flowers of chamomile pharmacy for skin diseases

This is also true for external use of the drug, when it treats skin diseases. Preliminary it is necessary to check allergic reactions of the skin in a small area of ​​the skin. And this despite the presence of chamomile and anti-allergic effects. Possible individual intolerance can counteract the manifestation of medicinal properties and aggravate the disease.

Chamomile against headaches

Many pregnant women use a decoction of chamomile against headaches, but at small gestational age, it can cause bleeding and miscarriage, and for longer periods there is a risk of premature birth. In other words, during pregnancy, daisy is contraindicated.

Flowers chamomile pharmacy Is a disinfectant, since plant preparations most effectively destroy a significant number of pathogenic microorganisms. In particular, it is an excellent means for disinfection of wounds.

Very noticeable and anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile, the broth of which removes both skin inflammation and inflammation of the internal organs.

Pharmacy chamomile shows a noticeable cholagogue effect and is useful in diseases of the gallbladder. The product has a beneficial effect on the increase of appetite. Anti-spasmodic properties are due to the relaxing effect of chamomile preparations on smooth muscles.

Infusion and decoction of chamomile flowers

In medicine, chamomile is consumed internally in the form of infusion, as an antispasmodic drug in gastrointestinal diseases, accompanied by increased gas production and intestinal spasms.

To prepare a decoction of chamomile, boil half a liter of water in enameled dishes and pour into the boiling water two tablespoons of dry inflorescences. After this, another ten minutes to expose the broth boiling, then strain and add a tablespoon of honey. The drug is taken twice a day - on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to bed for about a week.

However, for problems with the biliary tract, chamomile broth should be prepared differently. Boil a liter of water, which adds three tablespoons of chamomile and a tablespoon of crushed leaves of a tree-like aloe. The product boils for up to five minutes, filtered and self-cooling. Use this decoction on an empty stomach very early in the morning, then continue to be in bed for a couple of hours. Lying at the same time should be on your side.