Peony evading and the use of tincture of the peony evasive for the treatment of

Peony evading (Maryin root) is a perennial herbaceous plant up to a meter high, which has a powerful rhizome and large roots. Stems are thick, glabrous, leaves are large, complex in shape. Flowers pink-purple, up to thirteen centimeters in diameter, are located on the top of the stem. Peony evading refers to endangered plants, is listed in the Red Book in many countries around the world. The plant is resistant to colds, does not like too moist soils, prefers to grow in sunny places, although it is shade-resistant. Occurs in taiga meadows and glades, in rare coniferous and deciduous forests, in birch groves.

Peony dodging Is a poisonous plant. Its roots contain essential oils, digestible carbohydrates, vitamin C, benzoic acid, sitosterol, terpenoids, tannins, potassium, calcium, manganese. In the aerial part, glycosides, bioflavonoids, tannins were found. Seeds contain fatty oils.

Therapeutic properties of the deviant peony

The pion tincture is used by both official and traditional medicine. The alcohol tincture of the peony is a transparent brownish liquid, with a specific odor. In addition to using as a sedative and a natural hypnotic, is used. application of tincture of a peony evading for the treatment of :

  • the metabolism returns to normal;

  • when it is applied, the central nervous system is calmed and restored,

  • voltage, possible obsessive and anxious states,

  • easier to treat various phobias;

  • Increases the production of endorphins - hormones that improve mood and give a sense of psychological comfort;

  • with the help of tinctures relieve cramps, involuntary spasms and contractions.

  • Among the medicinal effects of tincture - antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory. Tincture of the peony is able to increase the acidity of gastric juice; at the risk of internal bleeding for various reasons to provide a preventive effect; to cope with insomnia. When you take a tincture of the peony, you can get rid of the appearance of irritability, other mental and emotional disorders, heal chronic dermatitis, accompanied by itching and sleep disturbance.

    Application of tincture of the peon dodging

    Official and traditional medicine uses pion tincture as an auxiliary for complex effects on the body. The doctor appoints her at:

  • complex treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia,

  • neuroses,

  • insomnia, which has a neurotic character,

  • epilepsy,

  • for the fight against chronic alcoholism,

  • with hormonal disorders during menopause.

  • Tincture of the peony evad is included in the funds that are used to treat cancer.

    Peony tincture is taken orally three times a day before meals, 15 drops each. Usually a course of treatment of two to four weeks with interruptions of several months.

    Due to the fact that the plant is poisonous, it is necessary to strictly observe the dosage when it is used. Preparations from it are not used to treat pregnant women and breast-feeding women, children under the age of twelve. With caution they are prescribed for hypotension and hyperacid gastritis.