Arnica mountain - tincture of arnica and its use as sedative

Mountain arnica - a herbaceous perennial plant with straight pubescent stalks up to 60 cm. Leaves oblong, in the form of rosettes. The flowers are collected in baskets, yellow or orange. Fruits in the form of a pointed cylindrical achene.

Arnica is found in Western Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia. It grows in coniferous forests on glades, mountain slopes and meadows, less often on plains. For medicinal purposes, plant flowers are used, less often roots and leaves. The smell is quite fragrant, but weak, the taste bitter. It is important to remember - the plant is poisonous and you need to be careful when taking it inside.

In folk medicine, tincture from the flowers of the plant is used. . It is appreciated for its strong sedative effect. It reduces the reflex excitability of the cerebral cortex, regulating the tone of the central nervous system. Tincture is a good anticonvulsant.

Tincture of arnica mountain and goods

Spirituous tincture of flowers is used for ingestion with various bleedings, for example, nasal. It helps outwardly with fractures, muscle pains, dislocations. The drug is effective for inflammation of veins, nervous and gastrointestinal diseases.

Popular decoction from the roots of arnica mountain . It has an exciting effect on the cardiovascular system, dilates the coronary vessels, improves the functioning of the heart muscle. It should be remembered that the decoction has the property of increasing the amplitude of the heartbeats and accelerating the rhythm of the heart. The broth helps with the treatment of bronchitis, influenza, gout, bloody diarrhea, stomach diseases, epilepsy. It is used for seizures caused by lifting weights.

Broth from the flowers of arnica is considered a good remedy against worms, it is used to treat enterobiasis.

External application of tincture

Outwardly, use an aqueous infusion of arnica flowers. It is used for compresses, poultices. It is used for rashes on the lips and skin, bruises, furunculosis, small cuts and abrasions, lumbago, rheumatism. Excellent cope with pustular skin diseases, hematomas, mild frostbites and burns.

Mountain arnica strengthens the vessels of the brain, successfully treats trophic ulcers.

Tincture of arnica is popular in official medicine. It is used in gynecological and obstetrical practice as a hemostatic.

Apply arnica in hypertension, myocarditis, thrombophlebitis, sclerosis, heart failure, angina, rehabilitation of patients after a heart attack and stroke.

Tincture arnica used to rinse the mouth and throat with tonsillitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, periodontal disease, gingivitis.

It is strictly forbidden to use Arnica for people with an individual intolerance to this plant and with increased coagulability of blood.