Aloe leaves: application and properties of aloe leaves

To improve the healing properties of aloe leaves stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4 - 8 0 C. Store them for a long time, at least 12 days, pre-packed in a plastic bag to avoid rapid drying. When stored from the leaves of aloe vapour gradually evaporates, there is a natural thickening of the juice. In the leaves treated in this way, biostimulants are formed, in contact with which the metabolism in tissues is enhanced, which increases the body's immunity and promotes rapid healing of the affected cells.

Therapeutic properties of the leaves of aloe

The juice of the leaves of aloe has bactericidal properties, it contains biologically active substances - minerals (magnesium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, copper, chromium, sodium, potassium, iron, calcium), vitamins (E, C, P, group B, carotene and folic acid), essential amino acids, enzymes, resins, polysaccharides.

Application of aloe leaves

For the treatment use freshly squeezed aloe juice, specially condensed by evaporation (sabur) and mush from the leaves of aloe.

Aloe juice is used to treat boils, burns, wounds, local inflammation and skin irritation, skin diseases and acne, insect bites, bruises and bruises, eye irritation, nosebleeds, digestive disorders, hair strengthening, stomach peptic ulcer and 12- the colon.

Juice of leaves of aloe:

  • has a laxative effect, curing chronic constipation, stimulates appetite,

  • Used for gastritis with low acidity, tuberculosis of bones and lungs, general weakness.

  • Constant in equal parts with honey and butter, aloe juice promotes the activation of metabolism in the body. Its toning properties are manifested when using a fortifying mixture of 150 grams of fresh juice of aloe leaves, 350 grams of Cahors and 250 grams of honey (before meals, three times a day, a tablespoon).

    Aloe juice is used in cosmetics, helping to cleanse the skin and preventing its aging. With oily skin of the face, to get rid of acne, it is recommended to wipe your face for the night with aloe juice. To prevent wrinkles and soften the skin make lotions from aloe juice for 10 minutes two to three times a week.

    Contraindications to the use of aloe

    The external application of the juice of the leaves of aloe has no contraindications, but ingestion is allowed only after consulting a doctor. It can not be used during pregnancy, so as not to provoke miscarriage, with gallbladder and liver diseases, hemorrhoids, uterine bleeding, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and abdominal cavity, allergic reaction to preparations from aloe.