Boron uterus and red brush. Application in gynecology

The hog queen, which is also one-sided, is a perennial herb, whose preparations have a curative effect on the female sexual sphere.

Borovoy uterus is widely and widely used both in folk and in official medicine, and has a lot of popular names :

  • borow,

  • female grass,

  • salt of salt,

  • Forest Pear,

  • pear-shank,

  • Babichi,

  • winter plant,

  • bokotsvetka,

  • grass,

  • motherboard,

  • mulberry,

  • wine grass and many more,

  • which indicates the vast geography of its application.

    Borovaja uterus and its application

    However, its properties are not limited to the treatment of female diseases, it's not for nothing that the boron womb is called "a remedy for forty diseases", it has the ability to simply return all the lost functions of the body.

    Borovoy uterus has a selective effect on the body. The maximum effect of this plant extends yet on the female organs. The hog boom is a living water that can make a woman happy at any age. It can delay the onset of menopause and old age, positively affect the genitourinary system as a whole, create a protective barrier in the human body that does not allow diseases to develop.

    The use of a red brush

    The red brush also has a unique property of rejuvenation, but, unfortunately, this is a very rare plant, it can only be found in the Altai Mountains.

    Specifically, the uterus is actively used in medicine not only for the treatment of inflammatory gynecological diseases, but also ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, diseases of the gallbladder and liver, and diabetes mellitus. This is an excellent disinfectant and diuretic for inflammations in the bladder and kidneys, prostate gland, pyelonephritis, cystitis, hemorrhoids, urinary incontinence, and purulent inflammation of the ear.

    And the Red brush effectively heals:

  • gynecological diseases,

  • adenoma of the prostate,

  • anemia,

  • atherosclerosis,

  • liver disease,

  • kidney disease,

  • Thyroid gland diseases,

  • insomnia.

  • The use of a red brush in the treatment:

  • hormonal disorders,

  • polyps,

  • dysbiosis,

  • leukemia,

  • mastopathy,

  • fibroids,

  • female and male infertility,

  • rejuvenate the body,

  • to cope with oncological diseases,

  • prostatitis,

  • pyelonephritis,

  • cystitis,

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system,

  • as well as concussion and spasms of cerebral vessels.

  • Combined application of Boron uterus and Red Brush

    The joint application of the Boron uterus and the Red Brush allows to multiply the active properties of these medicinal plants, however, the correct mode of application of these two herbs is very important here. The maximum healing effect is achieved precisely when they are taken together. As a result, there is an absolutely real possibility of complete cure of such inflammatory gynecological diseases as fibroids, uterine fibroids, infertility, cystitis, mastopathy, uterine bleeding and a number of female diseases.

    For the joint application of the Boron uterus and the Red Brush The scheme consists of four two-week stages, between which breaks are arranged in one or two weeks.

    Infusion of herbs is prepared In enameled dishes, place two tablespoons of a mixture of herbs, selected in equal quantities and pour a glass of hot water. Next, in a water bath, the raw material is heated for up to twenty minutes. After cooling and filtration with spinning, the product is ready for use. Use the healing elixir on a tablespoon with the addition of honey three times a day according to the schedule:

  • in the morning from five to nine hours,

  • in the afternoon - an hour before a meal,

  • and in the evening - from seven to eleven o'clock.

  • The day of the cycle has no effect on the date with which the treatment is started. In general, you need a hundred and fifty grams of herbs.

    For syringing insist two tablespoons of the collection, boiled with a glass of boiling water, two or three hours. The course of treatment should last from two months to six months.

    Contraindicated treatment with the help of a Red Brush together with hormonal means. You can not use this drug with clover, cocklebur, hop, licorice.