Cowberry leaves during pregnancy: use, benefit

Both leaf and berries cranberries are extremely popular due to their medicinal qualities in the healing of a large number of ailments. It is a wonderful bile and diuretic, it is used in the treatment of dental problems and beriberi, lower respiratory tract diseases, hepatitis, arthritis and gastritis.

The agent is able to strengthen the vessels and capillaries, shows antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, astringent, diuretic, demineralizing effects.

Indications for the use of leaves of cowberry

And in pregnancy, cranberry leaf is mainly used as a diuretic natural drug for nephropathy and urinary tract infections. Cowberry leaf is effective for pregnant women suffering from diabetes mellitus. Some doctors, although not all, believe that it is impossible to apply leaves of cranberries during pregnancy, since there is a danger of bringing the uterus into tone. Another part of the doctors says that approximately from the twenty-eighth week this remedy can be safely used in the fight against edema. However, another part of the doctors are sure that the whole thing is in the dosing and, with adequate calculation of the doses and the way of application, this remedy is absolutely safe and shows all its properties useful for the mother and baby at any time of pregnancy. Moreover, everyone agrees that the leaves of cowberry are a very easy drug. It is very important to trust your doctor. If such an internal relationship is not there, it's better to look for another specialist. The doctor's recommendations should be followed with a calm heart.

How to apply cranberry leaf during pregnancy?

The recipe for the use of a cranberry leaf is usually set out on the package. However, in any case, you should clarify it from a doctor who already knows enough about your condition. Usually, pregnant women are prescribed a glass of broth per day, for four meals, that is, fifty milliliters per reception. To prepare the broth a teaspoon of raw material is brewed in a glass of boiling water. It should be noted that when combined with other herbs, the diuretic properties of cranberry leaf are increased. And in general, the fees, especially during pregnancy should be used very carefully because it is difficult to calculate the body's response to each herb that is part of its composition, and maybe unrealistic. Leaf cranberries, although light, but still a medicinal plant, so you can use it only for the purpose and under the supervision of a doctor. Do not appoint it yourself and do not try to recommend to your pregnant girlfriends. To reduce edema, there are many and non-pharmacological methods, so if you do not have full confidence in the safety of this drug, use other recommendations to reduce swelling. Try to be less on legs, regularly lift them above the body level, watch the amount of fluid used. After consulting with a doctor, try kefir-cottage cheese unloading days, they are always useful.