The root of Kalgan - its useful properties and use in medicine

Since ancient times, the extraordinary therapeutic effectiveness of is known. the root of the Kalgan . Since ancient times it has been used as an effective anti-inflammatory, expectorant and sedative, and broth was treated with uterine and intestinal bleeding. The root of the Kalgan is effective in bleeding gums and various diseases of the digestive tract.

The root of the Kalgan contains an essential oil with eugenol and cineol. Useful properties of the root of the Kalgan are in the abundance of tannins, phenolic compounds, flavonoids, starch, tannin, gum, alysnol, galangin and camferin.

Application of the root of Kalgan in modern medicine as:

  • astringent,

  • hemostatic,

  • anti-inflammatory,

  • expectorant,

  • choleretic,

  • sedative,

  • and representatives of traditional medicine use this tool in treatment:

  • gastritis,

  • inflammation of the bile ducts,

  • cholecystitis and other liver problems.

  • Useful properties of the root of the Kalgan are used in the treatment:

  • enterocolitis,

  • ulcers of the stomach and duodenum,

  • inflammation of the intestine,

  • diarrhea.

  • The respiratory system, whose organs are damaged, is restored with the help of preparations of the Kalgan root. The Kalgan root saved patients diagnosed with tuberculosis or emphysema. The more successful was the fight with a strong cough.

    The root of the Kalgan in the form of ointments and broths

    Kalgan preparations in the form of ointments and broths are a wonderful antimicrobial agent. They are used externally as lotions or compresses for purulent bleeding wounds and burns. They are also effective for cracks, eczema and frostbite. With exacerbations of hemorrhoids, decoction of the root is used for microclysters, as well as for syringing with trichomonas colpitis.

    However, there are contraindications, consisting in the fact that it is not advisable to use any preparations based on the calgan root in patients with a low acidity of the stomach, high blood coagulability and hypertension. Overdose in people with hypersensitivity to the drug may cause nausea and vomiting, pain in the stomach, so you should start taking with caution.

    To prepare the water decoction of the calgan, a tablespoon of dried roots is needed, which should be simmered for twenty minutes in a water bath, it is used to rinse the mouth with gum disease. For internal use, take a tablespoon twice a day for half an hour before a meal, this is good for spasms and colic in the stomach.

    Application of tincture of the root of Kalgan

    In the case of gastritis and cholecystitis, the water infusion of the calgan is made, interfering with the yarrow, marsh and marigold and drinking a tablespoon before meals. Traditional healers argue that the infusion of kalgan on vodka is a wonderful cholagogue, in addition it serves as an analgesic for cholecystitis, enterocolitis and dysbiosis

    To make it you need five parts of good vodka, or 70% alcohol, and part of the dried roots of Kalgan. Stronger than 76% alcohol is not worth taking, its tanning properties will not allow extracting medicinal substances from the root. Insist in a dark bottle for two weeks, daily shaking the bottle. Drink fifty grams of this healing potion, diluted with water before bedtime for successful healing of weakness in the legs and bronchitis. This tincture is also used for the prevention of many diseases.