Anesthesia of childbirth. Causes of pain during labor.

Childbirth - the only physiological process associated with pain. The intensity of pain varies considerably. Very rarely (about 7%) are observed births occur completely painlessly. They are called partus insensibilitis.

Pain in childbirth occurs due to stretching of ligaments and peritoneum, compression and stretching of blood vessels, ischemia and changes in the chemism of tissues.

The causes of pain during labor can also be:

- Deviations in the course of the birth act (rigidity of the cervix, Discoordinated labor, tight cervical compression of the cervix in the womb, late amniotomy), which requires timely treatment;

- Brake condition of the maternal cerebral cortex (fear of childbirth, increased reaction to stimuli), eliminated by methods of verbal influence on the second signal system.

In this regard, according to the teachings of IP Pavlov on higher nervous activity, an increase in the threshold Excitability of the cerebral cortex - one of the most important tasks of preparing pregnant women for childbirth. This training is called psycho-prophylactic. Its essence is to create more precise functional interrelations between the cerebral cortex and subcortical structures by means of verbal influence, to reduce excitation in the subcortical centers and to balance the processes of excitation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex. The purpose of physiopsychoprophylactic preparation is to eliminate fear of childbirth and other negative emotions that arise during pregnancy; the development and consolidation of ideas about childbirth, as a physiological act, the education of a new positive feeling associated with future motherhood.