Nystatin in pregnancy: use, doses of

Thrush or candidiasis is a true companion of pregnancy, thrush occurs in expectant mothers on the background of hormonal changes. This fungal disease is able to bring a woman a lot of inconvenience, which are characterized by the appearance of intolerable itching, burning, discharge with an unpleasant odor.

As you know, many drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy, it significantly hampers getting rid of thrush.

Often, gynecologists appoint their drug to get rid of thrush drug nystatin with beremnnosti. However, the instructions for use say that pregnancy is a contraindication to the use of the drug. What to do? Trust a doctor?

The drug nystatin releases in the form of tablets, suppositories and ointments. Nystatin is an antibiotic. What form to take for you, the doctor advises.

Application of Nystatin in pregnancy

Nystatin kills the yeast Candida, which can live not only in the field of the genitourinary system, but also to settle on polchkah, lungs, intestine, stomach and other organs. Often the drug nystatin during pregnancy is prescribed for prophylactic purposes when treated with antibiotics, when there is a risk of candidiasis. In addition, nystatin is used to maintain the immune system in weakened patients.

Nystatin tablets. apply 1-2 tablets 3-4 times a day. The use of less than three tablets a day will not achieve the desired result. The course of treatment is usually 1.5-2 weeks, if necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated after 15-20 days.

Ointment of nystatin is applied topically in the case of fungal skin lesions. It is necessary to apply a thin layer of ointment on problem areas of the skin 1-2 times a day. The course of treatment is usually 1-1.5 weeks. If necessary, you can repeat in a couple of weeks.

Nystatin suppositories are used on 1-2 suppositories from three to four times a day. The daily dose of the drug should not be less than three suppositories and not more than six. The course of treatment is usually one and a half weeks, if necessary, you can repeat in two to three weeks.

Contraindications Nystatin during pregnancy

Nystatin during pregnancy is contraindicated - says the instruction, and the doctor prescribed the drug. Something is wrong here. Let's see what. Read the instructions carefully, it says that the use of the drug during pregnancy is possible when the intended benefits to the woman than the potential risk to the fetus. So maybe this is your case? If you already decided to be treated with nystatin, give preference to the ointment, because the local application is safer and, importantly, efficiently.

It is very important: in the first trimester, refuse to use any medications, including for treatment of thrush.