Non-pharmacological methods of preparing pregnant women for childbirth

Non-pharmacological methods

The use of non-pharmacological methods of prenatal preparation is conditioned by their influence on the nervous and endocrine systems of the pregnant woman. To this end, intranasal electrical stimulation is performed with the action of electrical impulses on the "nosogenital" zone and electrostimulation of the nipples of the mammary glands. "Maturation" of the cervix can be accelerated by mechanically stimulating the nipples, stimulating endogenous synthesis of oxytocin. In recent years, there have been reports of the use of acupuncture for prenatal preparation, and especially Electroacupuncture.

Effectively contributes to the preparation of soft birth canal combined effect on the neck of the pulse mode of ultrasound with local use of estrogens (the folliculin oil solution is applied to the electrode-emitter in the amount of 10000OD).

Special attention should be paid to the mechanical methods of preparation of the immature cervix for delivery. One of them is the use of laminaria - marine plants (Laminaria digitata), which are extremely hygroscopic in the drying state. After the introduction into the cervical canal, the laminaria rod grows 4-5 times in volume over a period of 24 hours, stimulating the synthesis of prostaglandin F22 expanding and softening the cervix.

After use, kelp is sterilized in a 96% solution of alcohol. Instead of natural kelp, artificially manufactured laminaria of single use from polymeric compounds of polyvinyl alcohol (lamicel, merocel) and hydrogel polymer (dilapan) are used. The latter, when administered for 30 minutes in the cervical canal, increases the cervix from 4 to 8 mm, for 1 hour - up to 12 mm, for 4 hours - up to 20 mm.