Traditional methods of determining pregnancy in the early stages.

When there is no possibility to make a pregnancy test, it is possible to use successfully and folk methods. They are, however, not quite as accurate as the drugstore strips, the doctor, etc

Usually when using folk remedies, it is necessary to select a small amount of urine and then begin the procedure for determining pregnancy by folk methods.

Determination of pregnancy folk remedies - iodine

Iodine is often used for this procedure. According to the first iodine method, it is necessary to add two drops of iodine solution into the urine, taken in a glass. If the solution is evenly distributed over the volume of the cup, then There is no pregnancy, and if you focus on the surface - there is. The second way is to prepare paper, which is moistened with urine. Two drops of iodine are dripping on this paper. When the paper is colored blue or violet, it is determined that there is a pregnancy. If staining did not occur, conception did not occur in this menstrual cycle.

Soda as a method of determining pregnancy

From handy tools can come in handy and soda. Add a teaspoon of soda to the urine. If there is a process with bubbles, the reaction is positive, pregnancy is not t. In the case of subsidence of soda at the bottom - pregnancy is . To be fair, we note that there are many results that refute soda analysis.

Metaphysical method of determining pregnancy

Third method of determining pregnancy - the most metaphysical, where even a couple of normal, he is good with his optimism and a complete lack of urine. For the procedure, you should prepare your own wedding ring and at least one long hair. The ring is tied to the hair and suspended on it above the left palm, or over the stomach. If there are circular or reciprocating movements of the ring, this, according to folk science, indisputably testifies to the birth of a new life within you. Further, the character of the displacements of the ring is carefully studied and the sex of the child is determined. The movement of the ring from side to side is a boy, circular motions point to the girl. For all its simplicity, this method can not boast of 100% certainty. Its advantages include the fact that during the whole procedure it is not necessary to be smeared with the litter of the young lamb and to gallop nude around the yard at the full moon.

Folk methods for determining pregnancy in antiquity

In antiquity there was another ridiculous way, which, nevertheless, had an application.

A woman, who assumed a pregnancy, was fed for the future with incompatible products. If a woman became ill - the result was considered positive, although no one was going to pay any maternity leave. If not, there is no court for him. Basically, this method could only testify to the strength of the gastrointestinal tract of the test subject.

If you are seriously concerned about the issue of having a pregnancy, you definitely need to use more reliable modern means than national methods of determining pregnancy, such as a blood test for hCG, ultrasound of the uterus, a pregnancy test.