Folk remedies for pregnancy

The current pregnancy planning also provides for the prevention of pregnancy in order for conception to occur in the rock, which the spouses consider optimal. For this purpose, a large number of hormonal and barrier contraceptives have been developed, although it is possible to use popular designs and proven time.

True, folk contraceptives usually do not give 100% guarantee, however, when there is no possibility to use a pharmacy, even folk methods are better than none. And applying several methods at once, the effectiveness of funds can be dramatically increased.

Here it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of each organism, since the methods that assisted one couple may not be effective for another.

Interruption of sexual intercourse

In this sense, interrupted sexual intercourse is quite common. The method is that a man, a couple of seconds before ejaculation, must remove his organ from the female vagina, after which the seminal fluid pours out along a path not envisaged by Nature, that is, "aside." Here the disadvantage is that a drop of seminal fluid can be released with lubrication earlier, but in fact for successful fertilization and one sperm it is enough.

Douching against pregnancy

Another method is based on the property of spermatozoa to lose its activity or die in an acidic environment. For this, douching should be done. To prepare the necessary solution in a liter of boiled water, add two tablespoons of table vinegar, which can be replaced by half a teaspoon of citric acid. Douching the vagina should be immediately after the end of the sexual intercourse. However, this method should not be used constantly. Acid can have a negative effect on the mucosa of the internal organs, in addition, it is harmful to the microflora of the vagina.

The same idea is contained in the recommendations that before the start of sexual intercourse you need to insert into the vagina a swab soaked in lemon juice or just a slice of lemon.

Apply in such cases, and wash with your own urine, which is carried out after sexual intercourse. Urine has a certain alkalinity, which inhibits the activity of spermatozoa.

Douche it is possible and potassium permanganate against pregnancy, for this in a liter of boiled water pour a teaspoon of 2% of the potassium permanganate, which is potassium permanganate. Douching the vagina should be done with the help of Esmarch's mug, in order to wash out the seminal fluid from it.

In another method involving douching, a decoction of a yellow water lily is used. To prepare a solution, fifty grams of the dried crushed root of the egg capsules of yellow (yellow water lily) is stirred in a liter of boiling water, after which an additional quarter hour is added. Next, they set and cool to body temperature. Flush the vagina after sexual intercourse, without stretching pleasure. The broth should be prepared in advance, before the sexual intercourse, after all, fertilization can take place even in the first ten seconds after ejaculation.

Hot Sitting Bath

The Japanese also paid attention to this issue. According to their recipe, a man should take a hot sitting bath with a water temperature of about 40 for at least an hour before sexual intercourse. 0 C. At elevated temperature spermatozoa if not die, then noticeably lose activity.

Used for the same purpose and a female hot sedentary bath, which is taken after sexual intercourse. In this case, it is desirable to add to the water the brewed mustard in the proportion of a tablespoon of mustard powder per liter of boiling water.

How to prevent pregnancy in Malaysian?

And the Malaysians offer to use the juice of immature pineapple. It should be drunk every day to three times a day for a glass.

Apply and decoction of ginger root. A teaspoon of chopped raw material is poured into a glass of boiling water, and eat two to three times a day in a glass.

Folk remedies for pregnancy

They say that the dried shepherd's bag also helps. To prevent conception every day, you should take a tablespoon of powdered grass herder's bags, excluding the days of menstruation.

Still recommend tea from marjoram, which should be consumed during menstruation every day two to three times a day. To make it a teaspoon of marjoram is brewed with a glass of boiling water. In addition, the marjoram powder mixed in equal proportion with honey is used to impregnate the wool tampon. This tampon is injected into the vagina before the onset of sexual intercourse.

As for the funds with tampons - do not forget to take them to the light of God and recycle!

It's quite simple - to introduce a piece of laundry soap into the vagina before sexual intercourse.