Mukaltin during pregnancy

The period of pregnancy is a special period during which a woman has to limit herself to a lot and observe certain rules. And first of all it concerns reception of various medicamentous preparations. In principle, one of the unshakable rules in pregnancy - no medicine can not be taken! However, recently this rule is observed less and less. In this article, we will consider the necessity and the possibility of taking Mukultin during pregnancy.

Mukaltin. Therapeutic properties

Mukaltin has in its composition an extract of the althea herb, which has an expectorant effect. The preparation is produced in tablet form. Mukaltin has a number of positive qualities.

  • He dilutes and removes the sputum masses.

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • It envelops and softens.

  • Strengthens the secretion, helps expectoration and cleansing of the upper respiratory tract.

  • Mukaltin during pregnancy

    During pregnancy, under the influence of hormonal changes in the woman's body becomes weak immunity. And therefore, colds, viral infectious diseases, all kinds of inflammatory processes can occur. Bronchitis in this series is no exception. A compulsive dry cough that appears with bronchitis is dangerous for a pregnant woman, since a paroxysmal cough contributes to a reduction in the musculature of the uterus, which can result in spontaneous miscarriage. Mukaltin is a medicinal preparation that can convert dry cough to wet.

    In pregnancy, Muciltin is prescribed in cases where the benefit from it exceeds the possible harm from the components of the drug and their individual intolerance. Mucaltin can be taken with bronchitis, pneumonia, colds, flu, tracheitis, when the sputum becomes viscous and difficult to separate.

    In which trimester can you take Mukaltin

    Any medication, even the most necessary, can not be taken in the first trimester of pregnancy, because it is at this time that the internal organs of the fetus are formed. And Mukaltin, in addition, can harm the mucous uterus, because of which miscarriage is possible. Therefore, if it is so necessary, you can take Mukaltin only in the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

    Instructions for taking Mukaltina during pregnancy

    If the doctor did not recommend otherwise, Mukaltin can take 3-6 tablets per day, divided into three divided doses. Mukaltin must be drunk before meals. The course of treatment is 1-2 weeks.

    Side effects

    When taking Mucaltin, it should be noted that Muciltin has side effects: pain in the stomach is possible due to irritation of the mucous membrane, allergic reactions in the form of rashes and redness on the skin.

    Special recommendations

  • You can not combine Mukaltin with other antitussive drugs and drugs.

  • Do not take Mukaltin in the phase of worsening of any of the existing chronic diseases.

  • Sugar, which is part of Mukultina, can have a negative impact on a woman suffering from diabetes.