Hemorrhoids and childbirth. Whether it is possible to give birth at hemorrhoids

With hemorrhoids, a woman can first encounter during pregnancy, and if this problem has already occurred in the past, then in such a difficult period, it is simply inevitable due to increased workload in the anus and rectum. There are often cases when hemorrhoids become aggravated almost before birth, so many women are worried about the possibility of natural delivery in the presence of hemorrhoids.

How to give birth with hemorrhoids?

First of all, future mothers are worried about the future child, considering hemorrhoids as an indication for cesarean section. We note at once that hemorrhoids are not so serious a disease as to forbid birth on their own. Contraindication to natural childbirth is only its most severe stage, accompanied by the formation of thrombi and /or severe bleeding.

However, in any case, the birth in the presence of hemorrhoids will have certain nuances. Women should be prepared for the fact that such births will be more unpleasant and painful, because of the exacerbation of hemorrhoids, they can drag on, bringing considerable discomfort, and after delivery, with a high degree of probability, the condition will worsen. This situation should be prepared in advance, and not only in the moral sense. It is necessary to try to minimize the negative manifestations of hemorrhoids, because the birth will definitely exacerbate the process. Such a strong load, as during childbirth can provoke cracks and tears in the anal region and even loss of internal nodes.

Most doctors are inclined to perform hemorrhoid treatment before childbirth, determining the therapeutic tactics of the form and stage of the disease, as well as the state of the pregnant woman. After all, the severity of hemorrhoids directly affects the painful sensations during childbirth.

Pregnant women, especially those who have had problems with hemorrhoids, should achieve daily bowel movement during their entire pregnancy. Clearly observe the drinking regime, start every day, drinking a glass of warm water. In the diet should include activating peristalsis products: yoghurt, kefir, vegetables, berries, fruit, bran. Prunes and figs are very useful, but it is better to refuse fresh bread, black bread, bean vegetables and cabbage.

Personal hygiene should be observed and, if possible, physical activity should not be neglected.

In some cases, drugs can not be dispensed with. In pregnancy, the proctologist appoints in the form of suppositories, gels and ointments preparations approved during this period: Hemostop, Proctozan, Natalsid, Anestezol, Posterizan, Nigepan, Proctosedil, Troxevasin (from the 2nd trimester). The drug should be picked up by a doctor, but you still have to find your "own" remedy, because the same does not help everyone.

Today, doctors advise women with hemorrhoids to give birth naturally, and after the birth actively treat the disease.