Can I treat my teeth during pregnancy?

Any inflammatory processes, including those that occur and on the teeth during pregnancy, can not be easily treated, but it is absolutely necessary.

Another thing is that not all dentists refer to the treatment of teeth in patients with unstable emotional, as in pregnant women, a condition, to the same suffering nausea with the same enthusiasm.

Pregnant women are sealed by the same technology as other clients, and modern drugs, technologies and materials do not have any negative impact on the fetus. If it is necessary to carry out local anesthesia, it is quite possible to choose harmless for pregnant means.

Another thing is general anesthesia, which is, in fact, a deep depression of consciousness, so it is better to give up during pregnancy, especially in the second half, especially considering that in our time there is a large list of harmless means of local anesthesia.

However, in order to bring your teeth in order and exclude all infections in the body, you do not need to wait for pregnancy. All such events can be carried out without any risk during the period of pregnancy planning, even before the conception of the child. And it will be wise.

It can not be in any way argued that the decaying infected teeth and pregnancy can be compatible, it is simply necessary to solve this problem as early as possible, that is, initially, with the decision to conceive a child.

Treatment of the teeth during pregnancy

However, if this is the case, one should not panic, it is only necessary to understand that not only local anesthesia, but also a local x-ray, directed precisely into the area of ​​the teeth, is safe for the fetus. Before and the dose of irradiation is minimal. In addition, the X-ray also uses a "lead" apron, fixed on the neck and covering part of the chest. This is an additional insurance.

A much greater danger to the child is an inflammatory process in the oral cavity. Therefore, if there is bleeding gums when eating, or when cleaning teeth, teeth began to feel cold and hot, there is a periodic aching pain, you should contact the dentist. Temporarily pain can be removed using nurofen, or paracetamol.

Complications of dental disease

You can try to improve the situation before meeting with your doctor by rinsing, for example, with sage or chamomile.

With a neglected disease, you can bring the case to the extreme. It may be necessary and depulpirovanie, in which the nerve is removed. Here, anesthesia and non-disposable X-rays are already absolutely necessary, and painful sensations will still have to be experienced. It may be necessary and removal of the tooth that during pregnancy, dentists try to avoid. If the process of destruction is very active, you have to go to such an operation.

To avoid dental troubles, observe simple preventive measures, namely brush your teeth twice a day with a high-quality toothbrush, rinse your teeth after a meal, eat food with the necessary amount of calcium.