Conception and childbirth after 40-50 years. Is it possible to give birth to a healthy child

From the physiological point of view, the age optimal for the birth of a child is 18-28 years for the first pregnancy, for the second - up to 35 years. Back in the 80s of the last century, a woman giving birth at age 28 was considered old-born, and now she was 30 years old at birth and women are considered late women after 37 years of age. Age of the father, optimal for conception - from 18 to 45 years.

To conceive a man can and in the senior age, but with the lived years quality of a genetic material varies, the risk of genetic defects increases. The connection between the age of the father and such genetic pathologies as schizophrenia and Down's syndrome has been revealed.

Can a woman conceive a child at the age of 40-50?

At the beginning of puberty in the body of a woman contains about 300 thousand eggs. They are lost with age - about 13 thousand a year and by about 37 years there are about 25 thousand eggs left. This is the boundary, after which the stock of eggs is rapidly decreasing, and by 43 years is almost completely exhausted. The chance to become pregnant in women under 40 years with active attempts is 50%, decreasing to 43 years to 1-2%. At the age of 50 it is extremely difficult to conceive naturally, practically there are no ovulatory cycles, the period of premenopause has begun, and the function of the ovaries has almost faded.

Can a woman endure a child at the age of 40-50?

Pregnancy after 40 years often results in miscarriages. At the age of 40-44 years the indicator is 34%, and after 45 increases to 53%. For comparison, in women giving birth at the age of 20 and 30 these figures are 10 and 12%.

At the older age, more than 60% of pregnancies are interrupted in the early stages. This is due to the defectiveness of the reproductive cells, the state of the uterus, not adequately prepared for attachment of the fetal egg, a high level of malformations and chromosomal abnormalities. Late pregnancy is often an ectopic pregnancy.

In general, for an organism of women after 40 years of pregnancy - the strongest stress and is accompanied by an increased level of complications. Mortality due to complications of pregnancy and subsequent childbirth in older women is higher than from other diseases. But anyway, today children are born in 2% of women over 40 years old.

Can a woman give birth to a healthy child at the age of 40-50?

By the age of 40 many women already have chronic diseases, including diabetes mellitus and hypertension, and the risk of malignant tumors has been increased. All this negatively affects the child, there is a high probability that he will be born unhealthy or will have deviations in development. According to recent studies, after 30 years the probability that a child will be born with Down syndrome is 1: 400 after 40 years - 1: 110 at 45 years this ratio is already 1:30.

In the labor of older women, labor can result in the birth of a dead child. The reason for this has not yet been established, but according to statistics from 440 children one is born dead.

From the age of the mother during childbirth, the disease of children with diabetes mellitus type 1 depends. The likelihood that a child born to a woman after 40 years of age during adolescence will develop diabetes 3 times higher than that of children born at a young age.

There is a risk, of course, but if a woman is loved, healthy and leads a healthy lifestyle, why should she give birth to a sick child?