Can I get pregnant with a spiral?

Whether it is possible to become pregnant, having an intrauterine device - this question arises not casually. Yes, indeed, the intrauterine device is a reliable means of modern contraception, but among women, rumors of pregnancy cases against the background of the established spiral persist. What are these cases, or maybe it's just rumors?

Pregnancy in the spiral

No, dear women, this is not a rumor - with an intrauterine device, it's possible to conceive, but in rare cases. Despite the presence of a foreign body inside the uterus, pregnancy sometimes occurs. With what it can be connected?

This is primarily due to the fact that the spiral simply shifts from its place, and the woman, naturally, does not notice the shift of the spiral. Sometimes the spiral completely or partially falls out of the uterine cavity, but this too, as a rule, remains unnoticed.

How likely is pregnancy?

In order to understand this, it is necessary to pay attention to the types of intrauterine spirals, since this is the reason for the probability of pregnancy.

  • Intrauterine spiral for five years. It has the property of secreting a substance called levonorgestrel, like a hormone. With such a spiral, the probability of pregnancy is half a percent.

  • Intrauterine spiral for seven years. This spiral has in its composition copper, sometimes silver. With such a spiral, pregnancy occurs in two percent of cases.

  • If all the same the pregnancy has come?

    It is always important to remember the current probability of pregnancy with a spiral, so if there is a delay in menstruation, you should immediately check with a gynecologist. When untimely ascertainment of pregnancy against the background of a spiral, there is a possibility of a miscarriage.

    In case if a woman who has become pregnant already wanted to save the child, the doctor extracts the spiral for special threads hanging in the vagina, and this must be done immediately. It happens that the threads can not be picked up or they are simply not visible - in these cases, the gynecologist usually recommends interrupting the pregnancy. If the spiral was removed correctly and on time, then the pregnancy will proceed according to the norm.

    In gynecological practice, cases were recorded when a spiral in a pregnant woman could not be extracted, while the woman continued to wear pregnancy and carried the child to the end. In these cases, the health of the child can not worry in the second half of pregnancy.

    If you decide to use the IUD as a contraceptive

    At such decision it is necessary to consider some moments.

  • Never used women to give birth to a spiral is not recommended.

  • From a sexually transmitted infection, the spiral does not protect, so women who have more than one sexual partner should not be put on a spiral.

  • The intrauterine device is installed only by a gynecologist.

  • Before the installation of the spiral should be screened, because in some cases the spiral can be contraindicated.