Can I get pregnant within a month after childbirth?

There is an erroneous opinion that a nursing mother can not become pregnant for at least six months. In part this statement is true. But only if the feeding is exceptionally natural and occurs on demand. Why? The answer is simple: for the activation of the mammary glands and the appearance of milk by the pituitary gland, a prolactin hormone is produced that blocks the action of the ovaries. But be careful, you can still become pregnant and therefore it is better not to take risks.

Mom, not breastfeeding, runs the risk of becoming pregnant one month after childbirth, despite the unreduced menstrual cycle (it takes 6-8 weeks). The opinion "there are no monthly - there can be no pregnancy" - is absolutely unreasonable. Thinking this way, women are very mistaken and in the results they bring up the weather.

What threatens a new pregnancy?

If this happened, and the pregnancy occurred one month after the birth, the question arises of how to preserve it. After all, the body of a woman is exhausted after the first birth. The woman lacks vitamins. Yes, and the body just has not had time to recover, either physically or morally. If the mother is breastfeeding, the second pregnancy can be a serious obstacle to lactation, as irritation of the nipples causes uterine contractions, and this can provoke a miscarriage. The fetus can "take" useful micronutrients and vitamins from milk, and this can cause the child to give up breast. The newly mint pregnant mother risks with her teeth and hair, because all that could go to the restoration of the female body is now for the future baby, and the woman continues to live with a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements.

The uterus does not suffer less from repeated pregnancy. The muscular organ has not yet fully recovered, and then a new embryo. Matka needs rest, and a new pregnancy requires a lot of labor and labor. Tears and deformities of the cervix are threatened with abortion. After caesarean section there is a probability of divergence of the suture. In general, repeated pregnancy one month after childbirth is somewhat dangerous, both for mother and future baby, there is a high risk of complications in pregnancy or miscarriage.

Prophylaxis of repeated pregnancy?

In order to prevent repeat pregnancy after childbirth, breastfeeding should not be regarded as a guarantee of safe sex. Ask the gynecologist for advice on methods of contraception.